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GovMint Announces the Fairmont Collection Reserve+, an Extraordinary Hoard of Vintage Gold Coins Over a Century Old With Mint State Grades

by Ohio Digital News

GovMint, one of the largest direct-to-consumer retailers of collectible coins, announces a selection of vintage $5 Gold Liberty Half Eagle and $10 Gold Liberty Eagle Coins from the Fairmont Collection Reserve+, a special subset of the Fairmont Collection—which is an immense hoard of more than 13,000 vintage U.S. pre-1933 gold coins. The Reserve+ set has been meticulously curated to include only the highest quality gold coins with the greatest luster and exceptional beauty.

Each $5 Gold Liberty Half Eagle and $10 Gold Liberty Eagle coin was graded by the esteemed Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS). Each coin has earned the coveted PCGS “+” designation, which means it has exceptional eye appeal and ranks in the top 30% of quality for the grade. 

These exceptional coins come encased in museum-quality slabs, proudly displaying a gold foil label that signifies their inclusion in The Fairmont Collection Reserve+.

These $5 and $10 Gold Liberty coins were designed by Christian Gobrecht, the 3rd Chief Engraver of the U.S. Mint. Both denominations feature Lady Liberty with a Coronet on her head inscribed with the word “Liberty.” The reverse features a proud bald eagle with wings spread and a stars and stripes shield on its breast.

The $5 Liberty Gold Half Eagle, struck from 1839-1908, was the first gold coin minted by the United States. This golden coin carried the weight of a nation emerging from the Civil War. As it changed hands, the $5 Liberty Gold Half Eagle witnessed the reconstruction of a fractured America. It spoke of resilience of a nation forging ahead with newfound strength. In the hands of pioneers and dreamers, it echoed the spirit of a country marching towards a brighter horizon.

The $10 Liberty Gold Eagle, struck from 1838-1907, stands as a gilded titan of prosperity. These gold coins bore witness to the industrial revolution, a period where the gears of progress turned relentlessly. In the hands of entrepreneurs and visionaries, the $10 Liberty Gold Eagle whispered promises of a nation rising to economic heights. It clinked in the pockets of those who built railroads, erected skyscrapers, and fueled the engine of an economic powerhouse. Each transaction with this majestic coin felt like a handshake with destiny.

“I’m extremely excited that we are able to offer these vintage U.S. gold coins from the Fairmont Collection Reserve+. Given the legacy and exceptional quality of these gold coins that have been well preserved for well over a century, along with the scarcity, we expect a complete sellout,” said Ted Smetana, Chief Commercial Officer Merchandising at GovMint.

Visit www.govmint.com/reserveplus for more information and to purchase.

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GovMint has been on the forefront of collectible numismatic coins since 1984 and specializes in selling rare and collectible coins, as well as a variety of other modern numismatic products and bullion. 

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