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DistillerSR Launches CuratorCR Collaboration to Enable Seamless Sharing of Literature Repositories Across Departments and Organizations

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Research Organizations Can Now Securely Co-Create and Share Curated Reference Repositories in Real Time

DistillerSR® Inc., maker of the market-leading AI-enabled literature review automation platform, today launched new advanced evidence management capabilities for its CuratorCR™ module. Integrated seamlessly with DistillerSR™, CuratorCR centrally stores, organizes, and manages references, full-text documents, and review metadata for seamless sharing and re-use across different research groups within organizations – from cross-divisional health economic and outcomes research teams to scientific consortia, among others. 

With CuratorCR Collaboration, organizations can now securely and easily share their searchable literature repositories across projects, departments, and with other organizations while maintaining copyright compliance, access permissions and content integrity. By facilitating content reuse, CuratorCR Collaboration reduces research duplication, enhances data consistency, and accelerates the generation of high-quality literature reviews. 

“Using CuratorCR to centralize the storage of all references, full-text documents, and metadata streamlines the procurement, management, distribution, copyright management, and reuse of these valuable information assets,” said Peter O’Blenis, CEO, DistillerSR Inc. “CuratorCR’s seamless integration with the DistillerSR literature review platform allows researchers to automatically detect and access this content as they review, dramatically accelerating the review process and reducing costs. CuratorCR Collaboration enables permission-based access to designated CuratorCR repositories by any group using DistillerSR, regardless of whether they are within the same organization. We view this as a significant step in facilitating global research collaboration.” 

Literature reviews are the cornerstone of evidence-based research, but their production has traditionally been highly manual, time-consuming, and error-prone. The DistillerSR evidence management platform and modular ecosystem enable customers to securely automate the management and analysis of literature review research — faster, more accurately and more transparently at scale. CuratorCR’s integration with DistillerSR makes it seamless to access and reuse previously collected data for any given reference, including extracted metadata and attached full texts. As a result, research teams can eliminate much of the reference screening and data extraction burden by reusing previously collected data in a trusted, secure web-based platform.

Today, more than 300 of the world’s leading research organizations, including the majority of the largest pharmaceutical and medical device companies, trust DistillerSR to securely produce transparent, audit-ready, and regulatory-compliant literature reviews. With more organizations using DistillerSR to automate their literature reviews, healthcare researchers can make more informed and time-sensitive health policy decisions, clinical practice guidelines, and regulatory submissions, while delivering better overall research.

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