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Axis Building Envelope Teams Up With PlanRadar to Revolutionize Project Management

by Ohio Digital News

Digital construction platform optimizes efficiency, collaboration, and reporting for fast-expanding architectural firm

PlanRadar, the leading digital construction, real estate, and facilities management platform provider, today announced its new partnership with Axis Building Envelope, an architectural and engineering firm specializing in the design and implementation of advanced waterproofing solutions. Equipped with PlanRadar’s suite of digital management tools, Axis aims to revolutionize how it collaborates, tracks progress, and reports on complex residential and commercial building projects.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with the skilled team at Axis to transform their service delivery through our intuitive digital platform,” said David Homola, VP of Sales.

Scaling process to new heights

Headquartered in California, Axis supports high-profile envelope design and construction projects across the residential, commercial, and retail building sectors. Focusing on design, quality assurance, investigative services, and construction administration, the firm has an extensive track record working on developments from initial blueprint through to final inspection. High-profile projects include the below-grade waterproofing, design, and quality control of the GENESIS Marina life sciences campus in the Bay Area.

A key challenge for Axis has been the prompt delivery of client reports, with pre-PlanRadar turnaround times up to two months. This hampered the firm’s responsiveness, impacted follow-up workflows, and required the manual tracking of actions across 60-plus active construction sites. 

Major progress with PlanRadar

Purpose-built for construction industry needs, PlanRadar stood out with its plan-based ticketing system capable of generating high-quality PDF reports in just a few days, compared to the previous 60-day delays. The platform’s real-time progress updates on hundreds of open items also enable vastly improved oversight on task tracking and issue resolution. Meanwhile, the customizable checklists aid systematic inspection management to enhance repeatability and support team training over time.

“With PlanRadar, an eight-hour inspection is reduced to five thanks to the ability to visit the site, record observations in real time, then spend more time on thoroughness,” said Kevin Moultrie, Sr. Waterproofing Consultant with Axis. “Once done, the project manager takes over for the final review. It really does streamline our workflow significantly.”

Through its collaboration with PlanRadar, Axis has achieved:

  • Reduced report completion times from up to 60 days to less than a week.
  • Rapid creation of professional-quality PDF reports without any additional work.
  • Superior project oversight via real-time progress updates on all open items.
  • Custom checklists aiding systematic inspection management and repeatability.
  • Enhanced team communication with all necessary context for ticket resolution – including precise descriptions, floor plans, and locations – easily accessible.

Ongoing developments 

The PlanRadar rollout has proven integral to supporting Axis’s rapid expansion while enabling teams to deliver unrivaled service quality as they take on more ambitious projects. 

The company is now focused on maximizing value from the platform by broadening its collaboration scope. With subcontractors and other third-party watchers actively participating within the PlanRadar environment, Axis is boosting the speed of issue assignment and resolution by offering interactive visibility across a range of task locations.

About PlanRadar

PlanRadar is a digital platform for documentation, task management and communication in construction, facility management and real estate projects. The platform enables teams to increase quality, cut costs and realize work faster. By improving collaboration and providing access to real-time data, PlanRadar’s easy-to-use platform adds value to every person involved in a building’s lifecycle, with flexible capabilities for all company sizes and processes. PlanRadar is located in Salt Lake City, Utah, with 18 offices across the globe.

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