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Revolutionizing EV Research: Introducing ONI’s Next-Generation End-to-End Solution

by Ohio Digital News

ONI, the company that brought super-resolution microscopes to your lab benchtop, proudly announces the launch of a next-generation, end-to-end solution for studying extracellular vesicles (EVs). ONI now offers a complete solution for extracellular vesicle sample preparation and analysis, the ONI Application Kit™: EV Profiler 2 with the analysis software AutoEV. Together, they are designed to instill confidence in researchers by enabling the identification and precise characterization of EVs at a single EV level with accuracy like never before. 

ONI has created the one truly EV-optimized super-resolution imaging acquisition and analysis workflow that anyone can use, cutting researchers’ time to results in half. To simplify EV research, ONI is proud to introduce Aplo Flow, an innovative automated sample preparation platform that is specifically tailored to EV Profiler 2. This user-centric platform cuts the hands-on time by 85%, simplifying EV research. 

The EV Profiler 2 kit allows researchers to choose from multiple capture and detection strategies and enables simple and robust characterization of up to 12 samples in three colors. Users only need to bring purified EV samples and, should they wish, primary antibodies for their biomarker of interest. EV Profiler 2 includes the rest!

With EV Profiler 2, we are introducing our new pan-EV reagent to boost confidence in EV identification as well as internal cargo detection so scientists can now visualize proteins with super-resolution wherever they are in the EV. The kit maintains the same high level of flexibility with the option to swap in antibodies to meet your needs,” said James Rhodes, Bioware Product Manager at ONI. 

The Aplo Flow is a fully automated fluidic control expertly optimized for ONI’s Application Kits™. Just choose your capture and detection strategy and let Aplo Flow do the rest, freeing you to push the boundaries of your research. 

Reflecting on the launch, ONI’s Hardware Product Manager, Salvatore Fanale, stated, “Nearly every branch of research benefits from advances in automation. However, super-resolution microscopy workflows are still predominantly manual bench work—that is until now. By connecting ONI’s workflow-based reagent kits and automated analysis, Aplo Flow represents a step-change evolution in super-resolution capability, throughput, and simplicity.” 

Where most systems stop at just acquiring data, AutoEV is a workflow built for EV researchers. From the moment you place a chip on the Nanoimager, all steps to ensure optimal imaging conditions and settings are staged in a simple-to-follow interface and done for you, even eliminating finding and setting focus and optimal TIRF angles for imaging. AutoEV automatically pushes the data through to analysis, generating data on sizing, clustering, and positivity, shown in real-time, resulting in a beautiful one-page EV-focused report automatically generated after the run is complete. 

When combined, EV Profiler 2 with AutoEV can allow a researcher to process three chips from sample to completed experiment in less than a day. Aplo Flow further reduces the researcher’s hands-on time, allowing for even higher throughput. 

For more information, please visit oni.bio/evprofiler2 or oni.bio/aploflow

Source: ONI Inc.

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