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ShopYourLikes Delivers 65% Creator Earnings Growth, Expands Retailer Coverage and Brand Partnerships, and Unveils New Features

by Ohio Digital News

Creator monetization platform announces surge in growth, highlighted by notable expansions in both retailers and brand sponsorships, competitive bonus program, and the introduction of a new Collections feature

ShopYourLikes, a premier creator monetization platform, today announced 65% creator earnings growth for Q4 2023. This significant growth underscores the company’s success in helping creators grow their performance-based earnings through premium rates, industry-leading rev share, easy-to-use technology, and best-in-class service. Over the past year, ShopYourLikes has continued to expand its network of retailers and creators. Additionally, it has introduced new features, including Collections, which enables multi-product shopping and always-on content for a creator’s followers. The company also launched a new bonus program to further reward creators that drive meaningful sales, enhancing their earning potential.

ShopYourLikes has empowered creators to drive performance-based earnings since 2018. Its community of creators drives sales to brands and retailers and earns commissions through links that track all key traffic and sales metrics. While ShopYourLikes creators have distinct styles, different audience sizes, and a wide range of favorite brands and products, they share a DNA of delivering authentic content that connects with their audiences. With its expansion of retailer coverage, enhanced rates, and industry-leading rev share, ShopYourLikes fortified its position as an indispensable connector between creators that inspire purchase intent and brands that seek new customers and sales.

The fast-paced nature of content and constant demand on a creator’s time mean that a creator platform must be easy to use and powerful at delivering earnings. ShopYourLikes has accelerated its platform evolution, including a revamped dashboard, more granular reporting, curated trending offers, and a Collections feature. These features help creators find time efficiencies, get new content ideas, and ultimately grow earnings. 

Chris Curtis, General Manager of ShopYourLikes, said: “Our remarkable growth in 2023 came from how we invested in our creators, who always come first for us. We delivered the retailers and rates they wanted and launched brand sponsorships. We listened to their product feedback and evolved the platform in impressive ways. Most importantly, we scaled our service teams and mastered playbooks that make ShopYourLikes an amazing partner to work with. Creator sign ups, especially referrals, are fueling our community growth, which ultimately tells us we are getting this right.”

ShopYourLikes is committed to the success and welfare of its creators, offering expert support and playbooks to help them identify new earnings opportunities and diversify their business as they build authentic, personal connections with their audience. This approach aligns with the company’s core values, which heavily emphasize connecting with and caring about people.

Retailers and brands are equally as excited about ShopYourLikes, with many of the top performers seeing 200% or more growth in sales in 2023. There are hundreds of retailers available on the platform, and both well-established and up-and-coming merchants see meaningful sales and remarkable new customers from the community. It’s not uncommon for a retailer to have 70-80% of customers coming from ShopYourLikes being first-time buyers. On average, the new customer ratio for ShopYourLikes retailers is 50-60% higher than other popular channels, highlighting the platform’s critical role in marketing strategies. As social commerce continues to see significant growth, ShopYourLikes is positioned to help both creators and brands succeed in this exciting sector of e-commerce. 

To learn more about ShopYourLikes, visit https://www.shopyourlikes.com.

About ShopYourLikes

ShopYourLikes is an industry-leading affiliate creator monetization platform and division of Connexity, operating under the parent company Taboola. Based in Santa Monica, California, ShopYourLikes specializes in influencer marketing. Leveraging the trio of unique technology, a vast retailer network, and a team passionate about the creator economy, ShopYourLikes connects thousands of creators with hundreds of brands and retailers to drive earnings and sales. With a focus on developing meaningful relationships with creators and affiliate marketing best practices, ShopYourLikes is redefining the standards of influencer marketing in the digital age. To learn more about ShopYourLikes, visit https://www.shopyourlikes.com.

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