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Life Chemicals Partners With Bioz to Provide Customers With Product Usage Information From Scientific Literature

by Ohio Digital News

Bioz, Inc., a scientific research-focused AI company, and Life Chemicals, a molecule and chemical library provider, recently announced a joint partnership focused on expanding access to product usage information that is extracted from the scientific literature. Life Chemicals is a well-known producer and supplier of HTS compounds and a premium provider of custom synthesis and computational chemistry services for pharmaceutical, biotech, and agrochemical companies, and for universities and academic institutions across the globe.

Throughout the years of providing high-quality compounds to researchers, Life Chemicals has amassed hundreds of product citations in peer-reviewed academic journals. These papers are invaluable to scientists evaluating products but are often hard to access and cumbersome to locate. Now, with the help of Bioz Badges, any visitor to the product pages on Life Chemicals’ website can interact directly with snippets from scientific journals that have mentioned their products.

“Novel compounds are notoriously difficult to evaluate from a product perspective,” said Dr. Karin Lachmi, co-founder and CRO at Bioz. “With Bioz Badges, researchers on the Life Chemicals website are now able to access usage information about the products that they are considering purchasing without having to comb through dozens of PDFs,” added Dr. Lachmi.

Olga Balabon, Head of Corporate Marketing and Sales Manager at Life Chemicals, stated that “the article data that we used to have on our website would send scientists away from the site, but with Bioz Badges product validation information is now viewable directly on our product webpages.” She continued, “We have already seen strong user engagement with the new Bioz tools and are excited to continue on our mission to provide the highest quality products to our customers and display all of the unique and important work that they are doing.”

About Bioz

Bioz is the world’s most advanced AI search engine for life science experimentation, with evidence-based product ratings and recommendations to guide biopharma and academic scientists toward the most validated products to use in their experiments, which accelerates research toward new discoveries. Bioz solutions for suppliers include Bioz Badges and Content Hubs, web-based widgets that are placed on product supplier websites to increase user engagement and sales conversion.

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