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Notice of Intent to Close the Anfield Diversified Alternatives ETF

by Ohio Digital News

After more than 6 years of managing the Anfield Diversified Alternatives ETF, Regents Park Funds LLC has decided to close DALT.

Regents Park Funds (RPF) has filed a supplemental ‘sticker’ notifying any shareholders and potential investors of its intent to close the Anfield Diversified Alternatives ETF (“DALT” or “the Fund”). A copy of the supplement can be found on the Fund’s webpage at https://regentsparkfunds.com/our-funds/anfield-diversified-alternatives-etf/?cb=2092.

The Fund will cease trading on the CBOE BZX Exchange, Inc. (“CBOE”) and will be closed to purchase by investors as of the close of regular trading on the CBOE on April 19, 2024 (the “Closing Date”). The Fund will not accept purchase orders after the Closing Date.

Shareholders may sell their holdings prior to the Closing Date and customary brokerage charges may apply to these transactions. However, from April 19, 2024, through April 26, 2024 (the “Liquidation Date”), shareholders may only be able to sell their shares to certain broker-dealers and there is no assurance that there will be a market for the Fund’s shares during this time period. Between the Closing Date and the Liquidation Date, the Fund will be in the process of shutting down and liquidating its portfolio. This process will result in the Fund increasing its cash holdings and, as a consequence, diverging from its stated investment objective and strategies. 

On or about the Liquidation Date, the Fund will liquidate its assets and distribute cash pro rata to all shareholders who have not previously redeemed or sold their shares. These distributions are taxable events. In addition, these payments to shareholders may include accrued capital gains and net investment income. As calculated on the Liquidation Date, the Fund’s net asset value will reflect the costs of accrued expenses. Once the distributions are complete, the Fund will terminate. 

For more information, please call 1-866-866-4848. 

Investors should carefully consider the investment objective, risks, charges, and expenses of ETF Funds. This and other information is contained in the Funds’ prospectus and should be read carefully before investing. For a prospectus, please call 866-866-4848 or visit our website at regentsparkfunds.com. Regents Park Funds are distributed by Northern LightsDistributors, LLC, member FINRA/SIPC. Northern Lights Distributors, LLC and Regents Park Funds, LLC are not affiliated.

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Source: Regents Park Funds, LLC

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