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Becoming a Real Estate Agent in Texas Just Got Simpler with ProctorFree from The CE Shop

by Ohio Digital News

Jump into a new career with online, self-paced education with a no-charge, anxiety-free testing solution to encourage momentum on the path to success

The CE Shop, an industry-leading education provider for all areas of the real estate industry, has just added ProctorFree, a no-charge testing solution designed to help Texans pass their pre-licensing final course exam with ease. 

In Texas, pre-licensing final course exams must be proctored. With ProctorFree, a complimentary add-on to Texas Real Estate Pre-Licensing education from The CE Shop, test takers receive user-friendly testing software and can take the test on their own time, anywhere, and free of charge. ProctorFree also comes with around-the-clock customer service. 

The timing is right. Real estate agents in the Lone Star State make an average annual salary of $84,050, making it a smart career decision for those looking for a flexible work schedule in a growing market. 

The CE Shop provides an industry-best education, with streamlined and flexible learning and features that include mobile-friendly access, clear course progress, and straight-forward quizzes, to get the most out of the Texas education experience.  

The new version of the courses will feature about 10 quizzes before the final exam, instead of the almost 40 quizzes shown previously, which helps remove obstacles for students and ensures they progress quickly. Quiz questions feature the best questions to better match the final pre-licensing exam topics. 

Features like “flex units” give the students the option of working independently and progressing by passing quizzes and bypassing the interactive lessons if they have mastered the content. 

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