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GovMint.com Announces the First Release in the Light of Liberty Trilogy, a Collaboration Between Master Engravers From Two World-Renowned Mints

by Ohio Digital News

GovMint.com, one of the largest direct-to-consumer retailers of collectible coins, announces a gold and silver coin program that answers the question, “What if the iconic Lady Liberty figure that has appeared on U.S. coinage since the beginning in 1792, were created by a trio of world-renowned master engravers?”

Specializing in high-quality collectibles since 1984, GovMint.com is proud to offer this first release from the Light of Liberty Trilogy. This first release features a reverse design by Susan Taylor, retired Sr. Engraver of the Royal Canadian Mint and the mastermind behind the iconic design of the Canadian Peace Dollar, and an obverse design by John Mercanti, 12th Chief Engraver at the U.S. Mint, and the man who has created more coins and medals that any U.S. Mint employee.

Upcoming releases in the trilogy will include Lady Liberty interpretations by renowned former South African Engraver Natanya Van Niekerk and former The Royal Mint Engraver Jody Clark.

This release marks the first collaborative project between Taylor and Mercanti since the launch of the 2019 Canada Peace & Liberty Medal, and is their first-ever collaboration on a legal tender coin. Taylor’s view of Lady Liberty on the reverse is inspiring, depicting a strong figure standing on the seashore, holding a flagpole planted firmly in the ground, with a huge U.S. flag billowing out behind her. 

Mercanti’s Flying Eagle obverse shows a design portraying liberty and freedom—a bald eagle in flight, wings outstretched as it soars through the clear air above a rugged landscape, with a radiant sunrise peaking over the horizon.

These 2024 Light of Liberty Proofs, struck in five ounces and one ounce of 99.9% gold and five ounces and two ounces of 99.9% fine silver—along with some incredible set options including three-piece, four-piece and eight-piece sets—have designs created with Ultra-High Relief on both sides, accentuated by exquisite enhanced reverse proof finishes. Along with the fact that each coin is slabbed with our exclusive new Light of Liberty labels featuring the hand-signed signature of the reverse designer Susan Taylor, they are sure to be a monumental historic numismatic release. 

“I’m extremely excited that we are able to offer these coins featuring the collaboration of two numismatic legends. Given the legacy of Lady Liberty and the Bald Eagle on U.S. coinage, and the reputations of these two top designers, we expect a complete sellout,” said Brian Johnson, Senior Marketing Director at GovMint.com.

Visit https://www.govmint.com/2024-light-of-liberty-susan-taylor-design for more information and to purchase.

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