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GentleTent Brings the Largest & Lightest Rooftop Tent to North America

by Ohio Digital News

Press Release

Mar 22, 2024 08:01 EDT

Innovative Austrian brand brings the largest, lightweight 6-person rooftop tent to the North American market

GentleTent GT SKY LOFT 6-Person Rooftop Tent

GentleTent, an innovative outdoor inflatable tent brand from Austria, proudly announces its expansion into North America, promising to elevate the camping experience for outdoor enthusiasts across the continent. Leveraging patented inflatable technology, GentleTent introduces a rooftop tent that is the largest on the market to sleep six people and also weighs under 110 lbs. 

Alex Paisley, representative from GentleTent, shares the excitement: “We get a lot of questions when we say our tents are inflatable, but once we explain the benefits of how fast they set up, how light they are, how small they pack away, even how durable they are, people are always intrigued. Our Austrian origins and innovative inflatable frame is a rooftop tenting solution that North America hasn’t seen yet. We believe this is the future of camping and we’re excited to see it out in the wild.”

Key features and benefits of the GentleTent products include: 

  • Spacious Comfort: The largest six-person rooftop tent on the market with a divider to make 2 private rooms. Put the kids on one side and have a private space to yourself on the other side. 
  • Lightweight Design: Our 6 person tent is under 110 lbs, and fits on almost any vehicle. 
  • Easy Set-Up: Our patented inflatable design makes setting up a breeze. You’ll be set up and camping within 15 minutes of arriving. 
  • It’s inflatable: Not only is it a great rooftop tent, but if you need to kill an afternoon, take it down and go floating on the lake. Yes, it floats too! 
  • Weather Resilient: Built to withstand the strongest storms, even with its inflatable frame. Check out our YouTube channel to see our wind tests.
  • Durable: It’s inflatable, but the frame is made of similar material to stand-up paddleboards and other inflatable watercraft, making it strong and extremely tough to puncture. 

GentleTent is now available for purchase in North America. Pricing information and availability can be found on our website

About GentleTent 

GentleTent is an adventurous outdoor gear brand hailing from Austria. We’re on a mission to elevate your outdoor adventures with the best rooftop tent out there. Our patented inflatable design makes our rooftop tents spacious, lightweight, and extremely comfortable. We believe in the spirit of adventure and aim to be a reliable partner in your journey. For more information, please visit our website.


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