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TitanHQ’s Email Security Outshines Competitors in the Latest Virus Bulletin Test, Boasting an Exceptional 99.91% Phishing Catch Rate

by Ohio Digital News

TitanHQ wins a top 3 position and VBSpam+ award for excellent performance.

Today, TitanHQ proudly announced a significant achievement for its email security suite, securing the prestigious VBSpam+ certification from Virus Bulletin, a renowned security industry test. In the latest Q1 2024 VBSpam test, which is an integral part of Virus Bulletin’s ongoing assessment of security products, TitanHQ demonstrated unparalleled performance among its peers.

Out of the extensive range of email security solutions rigorously evaluated against various email types – including wanted, unwanted, and malicious email – TitanHQ emerged as one of the top three performers in the independent testing conducted by Virus Bulletin. Among the nine publicly assessed comprehensive email solutions, SpamTitan surpassed expectations with an astonishing spam catch rate exceeding 99.95% and an exceptional phishing catch rate of 99.91%, while maintaining an impeccable record of zero ham false positives. 

SpamTitan and PhishTitan leverage the same cutting-edge filtering engine. This engine underwent rigorous testing in this latest Virus Bulletin assessment. In the Q1 virus bulletin test, the SpamTitan and PhishTitan engine recorded a phishing catch rate of 99.914%. 

With these remarkable results, TitanHQ rightfully earned the esteemed VBSpam+ award, solidifying its position as a leader in email security technology. The test results underscore TitanHQ’s unparalleled performance throughout the Q1 2024 testing period, reinforcing its reputation as a trusted and powerful solution in the ever-evolving landscape of email security. 

Spam Catch Rate: 99.983% 
False Positive Rate: 0.00% 
Final Score: 99.983 
Malware Catch Rate: 99.511% 
Phishing Catch Rate: 99.914% 

Phishing is arguably the most successful cyber-attack method on the planet. A recently published study evaluated 1.6 million Microsoft 365 users across three continents, finding that 90% of organizations lacked essential security protections. These gaps exist irrespective of your clients’ chosen Microsoft plan.  

PhishTitan provides M365 inline phishing protection. Its current performance has been sensational—for every 80,000 emails received, PhishTitan is catching 20 unique and sophisticated phishing attacks above a well-known, cloud-based productivity platform. These emails are bannered and auto-remediated to the junk folder. PhishTitan offers advanced protection against email-borne attacks. 

“This test reaffirms TitanHQ’s unrivaled prowess in spam and phishing protection—we stand as the first choice for combating phishing attempts and spam infiltrations,” said Ronan Kavanagh, CEO at TitanHQ. “Our customers need not settle for anything less. With TitanHQ solutions, they receive unparalleled defense against phishing and spam and experience minimal false positives.

“We’re witnessing a remarkable influx of new MSP customers migrating from alternative solutions. Their resounding feedback echoes the sentiment: TitanHQ delivers immediate and substantial threat mitigation. These independent test results validate our ongoing efforts, ensuring our customers benefit from top-tier protection against phishing, spam, and viruses at a compelling value proposition.” 

About TitanHQ 
TitanHQ is a 25-year-old, multi-award-winning SaaS cybersecurity platform delivering a layered security solution to businesses globally. TitanHQ offers cutting-edge technologies and robust solutions to protect SMBs and MSPs against phishing attacks, malware, ransomware, and other cyberattacks that can compromise data and disrupt operations.

About Virus Bulletin
Virus Bulletin is a security information portal, testing, and certification body with a formidable reputation for providing users with independent intelligence about the latest developments in the global threat landscape. Virus Bulletin is a world-renowned independent testing and certification body, active in testing, reviewing and benchmarking security solutions for over 20 years. Their regular public certifications cover security threat protections of all types as well as enterprise-level anti-spam solutions.

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