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Airiam and White Knight Labs Partner to Enhance Cyber Resilience

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Airiam, a leader in cybersecurity and resilience solutions, is thrilled to announce its strategic alliance with White Knight Labs, a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions. This collaboration is geared towards providing businesses with comprehensive and scalable cybersecurity solutions, aimed at addressing the escalating threat landscape.

White Knight Labs, a cybersecurity consultancy based in Pennsylvania, specializes in security assessments and offensive cyber engagements. Their team of skilled engineers collaborates closely with clients to develop risk-based strategies, delivering unmatched services in assessment, simulation, and penetration testing at competitive prices. They are commended for their tenacity and diligence in uncovering vulnerabilities, and they are known for providing highly detailed reports and actionable recommendations with reliable communication throughout the testing process.

By joining forces with White Knight Labs, Airiam hopes to strengthen its security offerings and provide its clients with enhanced pre-breach security expertise. As Airiam seeks to build cyber resilience through pre- and post-breach services, this partnership will enable both companies to utilize their unique strengths and expertise, offering businesses unparalleled cybersecurity protection.

“I’m absolutely thrilled about our partnership with White Knight Labs!” said Art Ocain, Airiam’s VP of Cybersecurity and Incident Response. “Joining forces with WKL is a game-changer for us at Airiam, and honestly, it’s something to get really excited about. They bring to the table top-notch attack simulation, red team, and penetration testing services that perfectly complement our strength in incident response and remediation. This partnership means we can offer our clients something truly special: not only do we find the weak spots with precision, but we also jump into action, ensuring those vulnerabilities are patched up, making businesses tougher targets for cyber threats. It’s about turning problems into non-issues, and doing it better together than we ever could apart.”

Through this partnership, Airiam and White Knight Labs will collaborate closely to deliver flexible, dynamic, and resilient solutions that empower businesses to safeguard their digital assets effectively.

For more information about White Knight Labs and Airiam, visit https://whiteknightlabs.com/ and https://airiam.com/

About Airiam

Airiam provides businesses with best-in-class managed IT and cybersecurity solutions, including AirGuard, a bundled suite of IT and cybersecurity software and services offered at per-user monthly plans. Airiam’s managed IT services are scalable, agile and robust for all business types. With Airiam, businesses benefit from on-demand responses 24/7/365 and reduced workloads of in-house teams.

About White Knight Labs

White Knight Labs is a leading provider of advanced cyber security solutions, specializing in cloud security. With a strong focus on innovation and collaboration, White Knight Labs empowers organizations to defend against emerging threats and secure their cloud environments. Through their comprehensive suite of products and services, they enable businesses to proactively detect, respond to, and neutralize sophisticated cyber attacks.

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