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Cialdini Institute Announces Influence Amplified Conference: May 10-11

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The Cialdini Institute announces the Influence Amplified conference, scheduled for May 10-11, at the Arizona Grand Resort & Spa in Phoenix, AZ. This two-day event, led by world-renowned behavioral scientist Dr. Robert Cialdini, promises to equip attendees with practical influence insights to ethically reach their goals.

In a world where influence ranks among the top in-demand power skills according to the World Economic Forum and Forbes, the Influence Amplified conference aims to provide professionals with the science-based influence tools they need to be successful in today’s rapidly changing and highly competitive environment. Led by Dr. Robert Cialdini, globally referred to as the “Godfather of Influence,” the conference boasts an influential lineup of speakers, who will share science-based insights to help attendees succeed in marketing, sales, leadership, negotiation, and communication. 

Dr. Cialdini’s home turf

Dr. Cialdini is Regents’ Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Marketing at Arizona State University. This year marks the 40th anniversary of his New York Times best-selling book “Influence,” which sold over 5 million copies in 48 languages. Therefore, there can hardly be a better place for the Influence Amplified conference than Phoenix, AZ.

Open for registration 

Registration for the conference is now open. “Whether it’s to get a ‘YES’ more frequently, raise conversions and accelerate growth, or set yourself apart and build stronger relationships, this conference will get you there,” says Bas Wouters, CEO of the Cialdini Institute. With a limited number of tickets available and high demand anticipated, especially since the conference is being held on Dr. Cialdini’s home turf, Wouters encourages interested professionals to secure their spot soon.

For more information and to register for the Influence Amplified conference, feel free to visit: cialdini.com/influence-amplified-arizona.

About Dr. Robert Cialdini

Dr. Robert Cialdini is known globally as the foundational expert in the science of influence and its ethical application. His seven Principles of Persuasion have become a cornerstone for people serious about increasing their influence. The results of his scientific research, his sold-out keynotes, and his bestselling books have earned him a worldwide reputation and the label of “Godfather of Influence.” Many of the world’s top CEOs and entrepreneurs consider “Influence” by Dr. Cialdini as their best business book.

About the Cialdini Institute

The Cialdini Institute is dedicated to advancing the understanding and ethical application of Dr. Robert Cialdini’s seven Principles of Persuasion in various domains, including marketing, sales, leadership, negotiation, and communication. Led by Dr. Robert Cialdini and his CEO Bas Wouters, the institute empowers individuals and organizations to apply the science of influence to reach their goals ethically, efficiently, and effectively.

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