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phData Recognized as 2024 Fivetran Partner of the Year

by Ohio Digital News

phData, a leading provider of expert data services, has been named the 2024 Fivetran Partner of the Year. This recognition is a testament to phData’s commitment to excellence in data analytics and its exceptional contributions to client success.

Fivetran, a leading provider of automated data integration solutions, awarded phData the Partner of the Year accolade in recognition of its outstanding performance and successful track record of implementing and maintaining mutual customers’ modern analytics environments.

phData currently sits at the highest (Elite) level of Fivetran’s partnership program and has helped many joint clients streamline the data integration processes, unlock valuable insights, and achieve strategic business objectives with the Fivetran platform.

“We are honored to have been recognized with the Fivetran Partner of the Year award for 2024,” said Sam Mehlhaff, VP of Marketing & Partnerships at phData. “Fivetran allows us to build data integrations that are easy to implement, scale, monitor, maintain, and automate for mutual customers. Our ongoing partnership with Fivetran remains a cornerstone of our client’s success narratives, and we are sincerely grateful for this partnership.” 

phData’s expertise in implementing and optimizing Fivetran’s automated data integration solutions has helped organizations accelerate their data-driven initiatives across industries. By leveraging Fivetran’s powerful platform and phData’s comprehensive expert data analytics services, clients have gained real-time access to reliable data, enabling informed decision-making and driving operational efficiency.

“phData’s dedication and commitment to our partnership continues to make a profound difference in helping our clients make data-driven decisions with reliable, high-volume data integration that scales. We deeply appreciate phData’s collaboration and shared passion for customer success, making them a perfect choice for this recognition,” said Logan Welley, Vice President, Alliances at Fivetran.

With over 30 Fivetran technical certifications, phData’s deep expertise and technical proficiency have quickly solidified them as a valuable partner within the Fivetran ecosystem. 

This is phData’s second time being awarded a Partner of the Year from Fivetran, having been named the 2022 Regional Innovation Partner of the Year.

phData continues to work closely with Fivetran on new capabilities and features that help accelerate joint customer success stories. Learn more about phData’s Fivetran services.

About Fivetran

Fivetran is the leading provider of automated data integration solutions, enabling organizations to centralize data from disparate sources for real-time analysis and insights. With Fivetran’s fully managed platform, organizations can streamline data integration processes and accelerate time-to-insight, driving business agility and success. 

About phData

phData is a full-service machine learning and data analytics consulting company that guides leading businesses through their data transformation journeys. We create and sustain solid data platforms, outstanding data products, and value-generating machine learning systems. Our team of experienced data scientists, engineers, and architects can help build, deploy, and support the toughest AI and data analytics endeavors.

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