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bSerene Debuts Industry-Leading Calming Product Line for Pets

by Ohio Digital News

Featuring a comprehensive lineup of on-demand therapies, round-the-clock support and portable solutions for cats and dogs.

bSereneTM, a trailblazer in pet calming, proudly introduces the most comprehensive lineup of calming solutions for cats and dogs, revolutionizing how pet owners address stressors in their beloved companions. Recognizing that every pet experiences stress differently, bSereneTM offers a groundbreaking calming collection that features a range of targeted and specific products that can be layered and combined to create a customized calming solution that works for your unique furry friend.  

“As pet owners, we understand that calming solutions, unfortunately, are not one size fits all,” said Michele Crowley, Senior Vice President of Marketing at H&C Animal Health, the owners of bSerene TM. “With our expanded line of calming products, we aim to empower pet owners to support their pets’ emotional health effectively with tailored solutions that address the unique needs of their pets.” 

Nearly three-quarters of dogs display stress-related behaviors, according to a 2020 study, highlighting the growing need for effective calming solutions. Recognizing this critical need, bSerene TM has emerged as a pioneer in this space. bSerene’s dedication to pet well-being has been recognized by Fear Free®, an organization founded by Dr. Marty Becker that focuses on reducing pets’ fear and anxiety in places like vet offices, shelters, and homes. They’ve named bSerene™ as their official partner for pheromone products, acknowledging the shared mission of making pets’ lives better and calmer. 

The bSerene TM collection offers targeted solutions for pet owners to find the perfect combination to address their pet’s specific calming needs, whether it’s fear of thunder, separation issues, or general uneasiness. Among the innovative tools in the bSerene TM collection, the Advanced Cat Calming Diffuser Kit uses dual pheromones (Mother Appeasing Pheromone and F3) for multi-cat harmony. 

Cat Calming Collection: 

  • Advanced Calming Diffuser Kit 
  • Calming Spray 
  • Calming Collar
  • Calming Spot On 
  • Calming Chews 

Dog Calming Collection: 

  • Calming Diffuser Kit 
  • Calming Spray 
  • Calming Collar 
  • Calming Spot On 
  • Calming Advanced Chews 

Guided by an unwavering dedication to innovation and quality, bSerene TM is on a mission to consistently pioneer new and effective solutions that not only alleviate stress in pets but also enrich the lives of both pets and their devoted owners. bSerene TM invites pet owners, retailers, and industry professionals attending Global Pet Expo to discover our comprehensive calming collection at booth #1254. 

Source: H&C Animal Health

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