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Vibrant Credit Union’s CTO, Pete Nohelty, Joins Metal Blockchain Advisory Council

by Ohio Digital News

Press Release

Mar 19, 2024 15:00 EDT

Pete Nohelty inaugurates BSA Compliant & Financial Services Blockchain Advisory Role

Pete Nohelty

Metallicus announces the addition of Pete Nohelty, Chief Technology Officer at Vibrant Credit Union, to the Metal Blockchain advisory council. His appointment brings unparalleled expertise in tailoring blockchain solutions for Credit Unions, focusing on critical areas such as digital payments, stablecoins, digital identity, and private subnets, thereby amplifying Metal Blockchain’s value for financial institutions.

“Pete’s unique perspective on credit union innovation enhances our efforts to tailor Metal Blockchain for the financial sector,” stated Don Berk, Chief Operating Officer of Metallicus. “His role is crucial in our mission to align blockchain technology with the broader US financial industry’s requirements.”

Pete Nohelty brings a wealth of experience from his tenure as Chief Technology Officer at Vibrant Credit Union, complemented by a vast network within the fintech community. This positions him uniquely to assist Metallicus in expanding Metal Blockchain’s reach and commercial viability across the US financial landscape.

“I am thrilled to support Metallicus as a member of the Metal Blockchain advisory council and contribute to the advancement of blockchain within the Credit Union sector,” said Pete Nohelty. “Our collaboration is set to pioneer new solutions, driving innovation and enhancing the financial services sector.”

Moreover, Pete Nohelty will play a crucial role in helping Metal Blockchain build a consortium for multiple credit unions, through the Metal Blockchain Banking Innovation Program. This consortium aims to create various use cases that would reduce costs, mitigate risks, and increase the probability of successful use case deployments, leveraging the collective expertise and resources of multiple credit unions.

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