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Consero Global Launches Advisory Services for Every Stage of a Company’s Growth

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Consero Global LLC, a pacesetter in Finance as a Service (FaaS), today announced the launch of its Advisory Services to offer expert recommendations, options and strategies for business executives to meet their financial and operational objectives. 

This Advisory Services division is built from the experience and expertise of Consero’s award-winning FaaS offering, which allows clients to outsource their entire finance function. The new services offering includes three main practice areas: Fractional CFO Services, Financial Planning & Analysis and Reporting, and Technical Accounting & Clean-Up Projects. 

“We believe in tailoring our offerings to the client,” says Tyler Nelson, EVP of Corporate Development and General Manager of Advisory Services. “And this was driven by client demand for a way to tap our expertise while keeping a company’s staff, software and technology in place.” Clients facing a special project, audit, or other critical moment can use Advisory Services to get the exact kind of support required for that event. 

Consero built a strong reputation in the private equity industry with its FaaS solutions, but the industry needed greater flexibility in solutions for the finance functions at portfolio companies. “We live almost exclusively in the world of Private Equity growth, and our clients saw enormous white space for our skills in an advisory capacity that could be shaped to the unique needs of a given enterprise,” says Nelson. 

Serving clients for over 15 years, Consero’s experience with hundreds of companies ensures that these Advisory Services are battle-tested in the real world. “PE firms are by nature acquisitive, so we’ve honed our practice in pre- and post-acquisition scenarios and understand the need for a disciplined and scalable approach to back-office functions,” says Nelson. “And that includes working at the pace of private equity and balancing the needs of any investment’s multiple stakeholders.” Nelson also stressed that these Services will be led by seasoned, senior executives, unlike some major accounting practices that often deploy junior members for smaller, discrete projects like these. 

These Advisory Services also address the changing role of CFOs today. “Even five years ago, the mandate for CFOs at PE-backed companies was fairly straightforward,’ says Nelson. “Close the books on time. Provide rolling 90-day forecasts. Meet the numbers. But now, they’re delivering deeper, more sophisticated finance intelligence that are crucial in business planning and helping lead change management initiatives. And for smaller, middle market enterprises, Advisory Services can help guide less-experienced CFOS in finding those extra three or four points of EBITDA growth.”

The full suite of CFO Services include: funding readiness and support, debt financing, treasury support, cash management, strategic planning, operational & management reporting, transaction support for M&A, and board reporting and representation. 

For their Financial Planning & Analysis and Reporting practice, Consero offers an annual budget and rolling forecast; a 3-statement model (balance sheet, P&L, cash flow); KPI’s for SaaS; healthcare and investment management; variance analysis (budget v. actual and forecast v. actual); weekly cash forecasting; reporting packages suited to specific industries; bank covenant or debt reporting; and investor and board reporting.

And in terms of Technical Accounting and Clean-Up Projects, the Consero Advisory Services team can deliver cash to accrual conversion, GL cleanup for audit readiness and due diligence,  revenue recognition and required restatements, purchase price accounting, adoption of new accounting standards and financial restatements, equity clean up and maintenance, including cap table management, balance sheet schedules and reconciliations and three-way reconciliations, from operating system to merchant to bank.

“These Advisory Services are the natural progression of our client-first approach to our business,” says Scott Tynes. “Our clients are already responding enthusiastically to the chance to tap our skills in a more surgical way, allowing them to address a specific project or lack of bandwidth at a given moment.”

About Consero Global
Founded in 2006, Consero disrupts the way businesses build and maintain their finance and accounting functions. Through a cloud-based platform, Consero delivers the financial clarity and efficiency needed to drive a business forward. Strategic CFOs are adopting Consero’s cutting-edge Finance as a Service model to free up time and understand how the business is performing. Serving more than 350 clients and their portfolio companies, Consero, backed by BV Investment Partners, provides the control and insight needed to steer businesses toward success. Contact Consero for more information about gaining greater control of your financial operations. More info at www.conseroglobal.com.

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