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Canada Pharmacy Now Offers Wegovy, an FDA-Approved Treatment to Help Overweight Adults

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Canadian online pharmacies like Canada Pharmacy are increasingly best positioned to dispense Wegovy as a Type 2 diabetes medication that has off-label popularity for weight loss. The active ingredient Semaglutide lowers blood sugar levels, but it also promotes weight loss and primarily because of delayed gastric emptying. Wegovy is FDA-approved in the USA, but Wegovy’s 2021 approval from Health Canada has been followed by product availability issues and pharmacies all over the world have had difficulties filling prescriptions because of those supply issues. 

This stands to be a major development for Americans who have been ordering medication from Canada because of the way they are able to pay less when having their prescriptions filled. Being able to submit prescriptions digitally has paired with the proximity of the two countries to make ordering Rx drugs from Canada a very cost-effective option for Americans. Diabetes medications is one area where people are especially keen to gain this advantage, but those that have off-label use for obesity are the ones where people are most keen to save money on them.  

This same demand for Wegovy from Canada can be expected to increase too, as availability goes up and Canadian pharmacies are increasingly able to fill prescriptions for Wegovy. Four of the 0.25mg/0.5ml Wegovy pens will cost an individual over $1,300 at a US pharmacy and it is not common for these medications to be included in a person’s coverage. Ordering those same four pens from a Canadian pharmacy will see them paying hundreds of dollars less for Wegovy.  

Folks are increasingly having prescriptions filled in Canada because of the lower costs for prescription medications in Canada, and currently, it is with weight loss injection and ED treatment medications where the most demand is being seen. The expectation is that there will be more of it for Wegovy from Canada in the near future, especially considering it has the same constituency as Ozempic and promotes weight loss in the same way but may be more available from pharmacies now. 

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