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Platform One Releasing Cutting-Edge AI Developments for CX Practitioners

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Launching soon, new AI features by Platform One promise to revolutionize how businesses gather and analyze customer feedback, streamlining the journey towards enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Platform One, a trailblazing organization in Customer Experience (CX) services, has announced the upcoming release of new AI features within its platform, reaffirming its commitment to product innovation. 

The following features to be included in Platform One’s product suite will make it easier than ever to collect, analyze, and take action on customer feedback:

AI-Enabled Survey Scripting

Platform One’s AI survey scripting tool will make it easy to generate any type of survey, on any topic, in just a few clicks. CX Practitioners can describe the survey they would like to create and the survey scripting tool will then populate a baseline list of question fields that they can then add to their survey project. 

AI-Enabled Text Analytics

Platform One’s AI text analytics feature will automate the process of understanding feedback by offering concise summaries of preferences, criticisms, and areas for enhancement found in a selection of customer feedback documents. This advanced feature thoroughly examines feedback data, delivering essential insights to CX experts in an easy-to-understand format.

AI-Enabled Survey Analysis

The new AI data analysis feature will allow CX practitioners to ask any question within the Platform One CX suite and get an instant response — either in chart, table or text form. This tool will significantly improve decision-making and analysis efficiency by providing immediate access to data insights, enabling more informed and quicker strategic actions.

“In the era of constant innovation, it’s crucial that we not only keep pace but set the pace,” said Glen Robinson, CEO of Platform One. “Our new AI features mark a significant leap forward in how businesses can harness technology to truly understand and enhance the customer journey. At Platform One, we’re not just responding to the future of customer experience — we’re creating it.”

These new AI-powered features will not only save time but also enhance the effectiveness of customer feedback analysis, enabling organizations to take proactive steps towards improving overall customer satisfaction and loyalty. Platform One remains dedicated to delivering cutting-edge solutions that drive tangible business outcomes and elevate the customer experience to new heights. 

To learn more about how Platform One’s managed CX services can transform your customer experience strategy, visit platform1.cx

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About Platform One

Platform One is dedicated to transforming customer experiences through managed CX services. With a team of industry experts and a robust in-house software platform, Platform One is committed to helping businesses capture feedback, resolve issues, and drive customer loyalty at every touchpoint. Platform One makes it easy for organizations of any size to create a CX strategy that inspires positive change. To learn more, please visit platform1.cx

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