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Perform[cb] Acquires AdCommunal, Leading Reward Network, to Help Brands Incrementally Scale Outcome-Based User Acquisition and Engagement

by Ohio Digital News

Perform[cb]’s sixth acquisition and seamless integration of AdCommunal’s best-in-class reward channel advertising continues to position marketers for enhanced engagement, a diverse marketing mix, and incremental user acquisition at massive scale.

Perform[cb], the distinguished leader in outcome-based user acquisition, today announced it has acquired AdCommunal, a best-in-class provider of performance-based reward advertising. Combining AdCommunal’s channel expertise and exclusive reward partners with Perform[cb]’s AI-powered customer acquisition platform gives brands the power to strategically diversify their media mixes and authentically scale new, highly engaged users under a single point of management. This marks the company’s sixth acquisition since 2017 and its second acquisition since being acquired by private equity firm Beringer Capital in 2021.

AdCommunal delivers a unique rewarded experience designed to enhance engagement throughout the customer journey, founded in 2007 by industry veteran and reward trailblazer, Neil Rajadurai. Neil positioned AdCommunal to become one of the first to create unique engagements for marketers such as offering charitable rewards as incentives and gaining experience with many high-profile clients and agencies across a range of sectors including mobile app, finance, and e-commerce. “Brands struggle to get consumers to engage in meaningful ways, especially with the high competition for attention these days – together, we know how to cut through the noise. By aligning client goals with the consumer reward, the channel creates amazing returns,” says Shayne Rajadurai, VP of Reward. “As part of a holistic marketing mix, savvy marketers can leverage reward to drive deep engagement in their product.” 

Having driven scale and client goals to new heights through reward for over 15 years, bringing AdCommunal into the Perform[cb] family allows the company’s Outcome Engine to better serve brands, creating a complete channel mix offering in one partnership. 

Perform[cb]’s Outcome Engine will further enhance top placements across the reward channel, as it does for the 26 digital channels the platform currently serves. By ingesting user actions throughout the customer engagement funnel, Perform[cb] leverages AI and other patented technologies to optimize incoming traffic to marketer KPIs in real-time. While other platforms require test budgets and optimize after the fact, Perform[cb] analyzes thousands of data points per second to deliver the highest intent consumers to brands’ ads the first time – people ready to install a fitness app, try out a new investment platform, or actively seeking to refinance their home. Whatever a marketer’s ideal customer profile, Perform[cb] optimizes to those outcomes.

“We’re thrilled to have Shayne and the AdCommunal team add to Perform[cb]‘s capabilities to better serve our client’s needs. We are big believers that each channel in the digital ecosystem adds incremental value. Reward is no different,” says Erin Cigich, CEO. “Over the years, brands have leveraged the reward channel to drive customer acquisition at scale, often at a higher ROAS than other channels. We have seen this success firsthand for numerous clients, but are excited to expand our offering even further with this acquisition.” 

About Perform[cb]

Perform[cb] is the distinguished leader in outcome-based marketing. Since 2002, Perform[cb] has experienced exponential organic growth allowing the company to complete a series of strategic acquisitions; each providing unique outcome-based marketing solutions for modern marketers and publisher partners.

Recognized as the #1 in Outcomes Worldwide since 2015, Perform[cb] connects brands with new customers through their website, app, or call center on an outcome-based model – AKA, brands only pay for real results that truly matter to their business. Utilizing strategies across 26+ digital channels, Perform[cb] targets marketers’ ideal audience and promotes their brand with AI-powered, high-value placements, ensuring optimal user experiences. We prioritize marketers’ key metrics, consistently refining our approach based on their value signals, ensuring top-notch brand performance. 

Perform[cb] also operates an Impact Diamond-Level Affiliate Agency integrated with all major tracking platforms such as Impact, Partnerize, Rakuten, and more. The affiliate management builds brands a custom full-funnel affiliate program strategy to recruit the best partners, optimize ROAS, and exceed customer acquisition KPIs. 

Please refer to the About Us page on our website for additional information.

About Beringer Capital

Beringer Capital is a private equity firm specializing in the rapidly evolving media, marketing services, commerce, data and technology sectors. The firm leverages its financial and intellectual capital to invest in middle-market companies that are strongly positioned to benefit from the accelerating trend toward digital transformation. Beringer’s collaborative approach, as well as its strong track record with add-on acquisitions, helps visionary leadership teams to deliver exceptional customer experience and achieve impressive results.

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