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Powerhouses QCCA and NCCA Merge to Create a Transformative New Entity in Independent Practice Oncology and Cancer Care: ONCare Alliance, LLC

by Ohio Digital News

After years of successful collaboration, the esteemed organizations National Cancer Care Alliance (NCCA) and Quality Clinical Cancer Associates (QCCA) have merged, culminating in the birth of a transformative new entity, ONCare Alliance, LLC.

With a robust foundation built upon years of collaborative experience between the two founding entities, ONCare Alliance emerges as a disrupter, uniquely positioned to revolutionize the status quo. Central to its mission is the harnessing of data-driven insights, underpinned by an independent, entrepreneurial spirit and visionary resource network. By prioritizing agility and independence, ONCare Alliance is unencumbered by third-party interests, allowing for unparalleled flexibility in shaping the future of cancer care.

At the heart of ONCare Alliance’s ethos lies a steadfast commitment to redefining the landscape of independent practice in community care. Fueled by a profound dedication to innovation and excellence, ONCare Alliance stands poised to set new benchmarks in oncology and cancer care. At its core is the collaboration of some of the most innovative and exceptional practices in oncology, using a vast proprietary data engine offering insight and centralized support for clinical trials, advocacy, education, and training. ONCare Alliance is spearheaded by leaders in innovation, growth, and strategy, Dr. Sibel Blau, formerly President and CEO of QCCA, and Dr. Barbara McAneny, formerly the founder and board chair of NCCA.

“This merger represents a pivotal moment in the advancement of independent, comprehensive, patient-centric cancer care. Independent practices have always been the foundation for care for underserved populations. By working as an Alliance, we can enhance the ability of practices to better serve their communities, competing successfully with corporate delivery systems while maintaining both patient and physician satisfaction,” remarked Dr. Barbara McAneny, Co-Chair and Chief Officer of Advocacy and Government Affairs, ONCare Alliance. Dr. Sibel Blau, Co-Chair and President/CEO added “By leveraging our collective expertise, resources, and unwavering commitment, ONCare Alliance is poised to redefine the very essence of independent practice, providing alternatives to acquisition and consolidation and setting new standards of excellence in the process.” 

By seamlessly integrating the strengths of QCCA’s focus on clinical research, growth, and strategy and NCCA’s focus on advocacy, patient assistance, education, and resource initiatives, ONCare Alliance aspires to empower independent healthcare providers through collaborative partnerships and groundbreaking initiatives. ONCare Alliance begins with a resolve to drive positive change in cancer care outcomes as well as ensure that every individual impacted by cancer has access to the highest quality of care and support. At the same time, ONCare Alliance brings a newly focused energy and commitment to supporting independent practices providing such care, ultimately helping preserve a community oncology force that continues to drive breakthroughs and excellence in cancer care research and treatments.

“Our mission is clear: to sustain and enhance independent practices by providing opportunities for collaboration in research, data-based projects, patient support services, and practice enhancement strategies,” said Dr. Blau. “ONCare Alliance is the key to providing support to practices who value their independence and is the future of innovating value-based, high-quality, best outcome care. We can assist practices to add services, develop research programs, purchase supplies and drugs at affordable prices, and streamline our operations, without requiring any loss of autonomy,” remarked Dr. McAneny. 

As ONCare Alliance steps forward on this transformative journey, it invites stakeholders, partners, and communities to collaborate in shaping the future of cancer care. Together, we embark on a mission to redefine possibility, champion innovation, and ultimately, pave the way for a brighter, healthier tomorrow.

Source: ONCare Alliance, LLC

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