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EpiCypher Partners With Bioz to Facilitate High-Quality Research by Displaying Scientific Product Citations

by Ohio Digital News

Bioz, Inc., a leading AI software company committed to advancing scientific discovery, is pleased to spotlight its strategic partnership with EpiCypher, a prominent player in the realm of epigenetics and chromatin science.

Through this new strategic partnership, Bioz has incorporated its dynamic digital widgets, called Bioz Badges and Content Hubs, onto EpiCypher’s website (both onto product pages and onto a standalone page). These widgets feed real-time citation data to the website in order to support researchers in their decision-making process. The data displayed includes snippets from peer-reviewed publications, live citation counts, and objective Bioz Stars ratings that showcase successful product usage in prior research. EpiCypher’s Badges and Content Hub drive product validation for EpiCypher’s customers, allowing for more effective research.

Dr. Karin Lachmi, Co-Founder and CRO of Bioz, expresses enthusiasm for this partnership by stating, “We celebrate a successful partnership with EpiCypher and are proud to align with a company committed to scientific excellence.” Dr. Lachmi added that “Bioz Badges are guiding EpiCypher’s customers towards the most effective products for their research experiments.”

Keith Maier, Associate Director of Product Development at EpiCypher said that “we are seeing increased user engagement, by displaying to our research-focused customer base how our products have contributed to peer-reviewed research. This enhancement not only helps new customers source our products with confidence but also serves as a valuable internal resource.”

Renowned for its innovative products in Epigenetics research, EpiCypher offers a range of products such as reagents, assays, kits, and assay services. Their contributions are backed by >1,500 peer-reviewed publications, visible through their Bioz Badges and Content Hub. These integrations efficiently showcase product usage in peer-reviewed literature, highlighting more than 300 publications in the past year alone that used EpiCypher’s breakthrough CUTANATM CUT&RUN/CUT&Tag genomic mapping technologies. This collaboration is positioned to fortify researchers with unprecedented confidence while furthering the companies’ joint commitment to advancing scientific discovery.

About Bioz

Bioz is the world’s most advanced AI search engine for scientific experimentation, with evidence-based ratings and recommendations to guide scientists toward the most validated products for their experiments, accelerating research toward new discoveries. Bioz solutions for suppliers include Bioz Badges and Content Hubs, web-based widgets, that are placed on product supplier websites to increase user engagement and sales conversion.

About EpiCypher

EpiCypher was founded in response to the growing demand for high-quality reagents to study chromatin regulation and enable epigenetics-focused drug discovery. EpiCypher is at the forefront of chromatin mapping technologies with the CUTANA™ platform for ultra-sensitive ChIC, CUT&RUN, and CUT&Tag profiling assays. EpiCypher also offers the largest collection of defined designer nucleosomes (dNucs) on the market along with complementary high-throughput assays and services.

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To learn more about Bioz solutions for suppliers, please reach out to info@bioz.com.

To learn more about EpiCypher products and services, please reach out to info@epicypher.com. EpiCypher® and CUTANA® are registered trademarks of EpiCypher, Inc.

Source: Bioz, Inc.

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