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Automating Oyster Farming: FlipFarm Launching Two Products Set to Redefine Efficiency and Productivity in Oyster Aquaculture

by Ohio Digital News

FlipFarm, the visionary force behind the first semi-automated oyster farming system, is proud to announce the US launch of its high-capacity Sorter and revolutionary Rigid Mesh Seed Inserts at the upcoming Oyster South Industry Symposium, held February 29th to March 2nd, in New Orleans. These latest additions to FlipFarm’s suite of oyster farming solutions are set to redefine efficiency and productivity in aquaculture. Launching these products in Louisiana, FlipFarm hopes to contribute to the revitalization of the region’s crucial industry by empowering local farmers with the tools they need to thrive.

FlipFarm’s patented system helps farmers deploy, harvest, air-dry and sort oysters with significantly higher efficiency and effectiveness than ever before. Their innovative portfolio of products eliminates the need for back-breaking manual labor, allowing farmers to focus on sustainable growth and to continue farming regardless of their age or physical condition.

Adding to their growing portfolio, FlipFarm is launching a high-capacity Sorter, a game-changer in oyster processing, at the Oyster South Industry Symposium. The Sorter provides farmers with a seamless solution that can actually keep up by sorting oysters and repacking them for deployment all while feeding directly from FlipFarm baskets. With a capacity of up to 1.5 million oysters per hour, the FlipFarm Sorter offers next-level productivity.

Also launching at Oyster South are FlipFarm’s revolutionary Rigid Mesh Seed Inserts. The new Inserts offer a trifecta of benefits: faster growth, fewer doubles, and well-shaped oysters due to superior seed movement. The Insert design ensures effortless integration with the FlipFarm system, streamlining both filling and emptying processes, saving valuable time and resources. Finally, the Inserts eliminate the need for flupsys, resulting in significant cost savings and simplified management.

“Our new Sorter and Seed Inserts are going to change oyster farming for the better,” said Aaron Pannell, inventor and owner of FlipFarm Systems. “By significantly reducing labor and enhancing operational efficiency, we are not just offering tools but a new way forward for painless and profitable oyster farming.”

Just like traditional agriculture, oyster farming thrives on innovation. FlipFarm understands that automation is not a luxury; it’s a necessity for a sustainable future. Nowhere is this clearer than the Gulf and Southern Coast regions of the US that have faced the ravages of nature and man-made disasters. By developing automation products and bringing them to these local communities, FlipFarm hopes to empower and equip oyster farmers so that they can not only rebuild their operations, but also ensure their longevity for generations to come.

“We’re excited to launch our products at Oyster South, a gathering of minds that share our passion for sustainable aquaculture and is embedded in the local community. We’re not just here to introduce groundbreaking aquaculture technology; we’re here to celebrate the indomitable spirit of the Southern United States,” said Keith Butterfield, Northeast Distributor at FlipFarm. “Having faced and overcome tremendous hardships in recent years, the Southern Coast’s oyster farmers stand as a testament to resilience and dedication. Our launch here is in support of that spirit, as we hope to contribute to the region’s ongoing recovery with the technology needed to rebuild and thrive.”

FlipFarm invites Oyster South attendees to interact with these products first-hand and to attend their presentations about how automation can help answer the industry’s toughest challenges to cultivate a sustainable future for oyster aquaculture.

About FlipFarm Systems

FlipFarm Systems is a family business founded to make farming easier, more sustainable, and more enjoyable. Our patented technology helps farmers deploy, harvest, air-dry and sort oysters more efficiently and effectively, without all the hard labor. We know that automation is not a luxury, but rather a necessity for sustainable aquaculture, and we are dedicated to providing solutions that minimize environmental impact while promoting healthy oyster growth. We hope that our work will allow farms of all sizes, and farmers of all ages, to thrive and contribute to a vibrant and viable future. If you’re ready to transform your business, contact us today www.flipfarm.com.

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