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10,000 Driving Confidence Course Milestone Since Covid

by Ohio Digital News

Press Release

Feb 28, 2024 19:45 GMT

Covid had a dramatic impact on the world. The various lockdowns took a huge toll on people’s mental health and also confidence. Since the last lockdown was lifted in 2021, Drivers Domain UK has seen record numbers needing help with driving confidence.


Since the lifting of Covid lockdown restrictions in 2021, Drivers Domain UK has seen a record number of people facing driving confidence issues. In February, Drivers Domain UK reported they had trained their 10,000th client since the lifting of Covid lockdown restrictions, which paused the business for the best part of 18 months.

During lockdowns, people were simply not driving – or driving a lot less. Combined with the looming anxiety, many felt it was a perfect storm for anxiety-related issues to manifest. Quickly after restrictions eased, they saw a record number of people coming to them needing help with their driving confidence. Their clients ranged from those who simply needed a refresher after a long break to others who said their fear of driving, which was quite substantial before Covid, had become more severe after the stresses and strains of the pandemic had taken their toll. Some of their clients who experience more serious driving anxiety are survivors of road traffic collisions. In the UK, some 27,000 people each year are seriously injured in road collisions, and many of these people suffer debilitating driving anxiety, which is not talked about enough. 

Opening up to mental health:

During the pandemic, people opened up much more about anxiety and mental health issues – this, in turn, caused many to take action and seek help for things that they were putting off before the pandemic – things they may have never gotten around to doing if it wasn’t for the pandemic. 

Booking Online:

Since the lifting of lockdown restrictions, Drivers Domain UK has redesigned its online booking system, making it easy for anxious drivers to completely bespoke a driving confidence course to fit their needs. They are one of only a few companies in the UK that offers this bespoke booking service, where drivers can pick what elements they want to cover on their course and to open up and describe the specific issues and anxieties they face – which in itself can be very therapeutic. The new booking system has doubled sales conversion rates, which sat at 2% before the booking system redesign, to an impressive 4%. You can view their booking system at www.advanced-driving.co.uk/book/ 

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