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Urban Fabric Series 001 Presented by Collectional

by Ohio Digital News

Gallery COLLECTIONAL proudly introduces its inaugural commissioned series, Urban Fabric, unveiling a captivating panorama of artistic mastery meticulously crafted by seven esteemed Asian creators. 

Initiated by Gallery COLLECTIONAL and expertly curated by renowned design specialist Yoko Choy, Urban Fabric Series 001 emerges as a testament to the collaborative synergy between visionary talent and exquisite artistry. Seven next-generation designer-artists hailing from China (Mario Tsai), Japan (Kensaku OshiroStudio Swine aka A.A. Murakami), Singapore (Tiffany Loy), and South Korea (Kuo Duo, Kwangho Lee, Teo Yang) have converged to shape collectible editions that epitomise the essence of ‘Contemporary Craftsmanship’. Drawing inspiration from their respective urban landscapes and cultural sentiments, each of the 28 artworks embodies the apex of modern manufacturing prowess, interwoven with an unwavering commitment to unparalleled artistry and attention to detail.

Since the inception of Gallery COLLECTIONAL, its desire has always been to create a multicultural, cross-functional platform that fosters disruptive and worldly conversations across design and art. ‘The encounter with Yoko inspired me to extend this ambition to Asia, and to uncover a deeper understanding and appreciation for Asian design,’ CEO and Co-Founder of Gallery COLLECTIONAL, Cristiano Baccianti says.

Urban Fabric epitomises what many see as the perfect reflection of Dubai – a space where nationalities and cultures seamlessly blend in a beautiful juxtaposition, creating harmony. On a global scale, there is a continual push to expand boundaries. Today, there is a growing appetite for disruptive conversations, particularly at cultural, institutional, and educational levels. Embracing collaborative contrasts allows individuals to maintain a sense of perpetual curiosity.


COLLECTIONAL Gallery emerges as an embodiment of collectible design, a fusion of artistic mastery and cultural richness nestled in the vibrant tapestry of Dubai. It navigates the intricate interplay between art and design, serving as a platform for global visionaries in the realm of creativity. This pursuit transcends borders, embracing diverse perspectives and presenting an array of one-of-a-kind pieces.

Guided by a refined curatorial sensibility, COLLECTIONAL articulates the unique vision of each artist, orchestrating a timeless dialogue. The essence of its inspiration intertwines with historical icons, engaging them in a profound conversation with the contemporary narrative and the ever-shifting discourse of the future. Blurring the boundaries of functionality and materiality, creating a space where beauty and form coalesce. Constantly curious, the gallery thrives on cross-regional dialogue and converging ideas, sparking a perpetual evolution of questions and conversations.


Eden House, Jumeirah Garden City 

41st St – Al Satwa – Dubai

United Arab Emirates

Gallery Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gallery_collectional

Website: https://thecollectional.com


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