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Newor Media and PrestoSports Team Up Across Thousands of Premium Sports Properties

by Ohio Digital News

Supporting the funding needs of top colleges, universities, conferences, leagues, semi-professional teams, and other organizations from around the nation

Newor Media and PrestoSports announce they are teaming up to maximize the value of over a thousand official sports websites of top colleges, universities, regional sports conferences, leagues, semi-professional teams and other organizations from around the nation.

Under the January 2024 agreement, Newor Media, a Google Certified Publishing Partner, will represent the digital advertising inventory of Presto’s properties. An industry leader in digital media monetization, Newor Media’s proprietary technology platform and deep industry connections bring quality advertising experiences and revenue growth to the partnership. Known for its commitment to individualized publisher services, Newor Media customizes advertising integration, optimizing revenue and fan experience.

PrestoSports, recognized for its industry-leading sports technology solutions, empowers colleges, universities, conferences, leagues, semi-pro teams and other premier organizations to nurture and grow their tight-knit communities. The agreement will see PrestoSports’ proven commitment to creating superior online fan experiences, further enriched through this advertising monetization relationship with Newor Media, ensuring Presto clients realize their potential.

Matt Anderson, CEO of Newor Media, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “We’re thrilled to partner with PrestoSports because we know they are a leader in the collegiate athletic space. This is a tremendous opportunity, and we look forward to working closely with Presto. Working with Presto we will evolve, enhance and expand advertising opportunities for each website, and working with the marketplace, we will help agencies and brands connect with highly engaged sports fans.”

Marilyn Cox, President of PrestoSports, added, “Our mission is to deliver value to athletic organizations. This partnership with Newor Media will provide sports teams, departments, conferences, and leagues with the opportunity to monetize and fund their programs.”

Interested parties and advertisers are encouraged to contact Newor Media at adsales@newormedia.com.

About Newor Media:

Newor Media is a U.S.-based, leading ad tech platform recognized by Inc. 5000 and Financial Times as one of the fastest-growing companies in the United States. Specializing in representing high-quality independent websites across sought-after content verticals, Newor Media is dedicated to providing innovative solutions and superior services that empower publishers to thrive in a dynamic digital market. www.newormedia.com 

About PrestoSports:

PrestoSports is a software-as-a-service company providing technology to professional and minor leagues, colleges, high schools, and conferences. Focused on creating immersive digital experiences for fans, athletes, and programs, PrestoSports provides solutions that include mobile apps, fundraising, streaming, websites, digital ticketing and social graphics. Serving more than 1,600 athletic programs and 100 conferences, PrestoSports is a powerhouse in the athletics digital space. PrestoSports delivers solutions for building athletic brands, igniting fans, scaling and optimizing resources, and funding sports programs. www.prestosports.com

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