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Alison Launches Groundbreaking Free Learning Management System to Revolutionise Skills Training for Organisations of All Sizes

by Ohio Digital News

Alison, the world’s largest free online empowerment platform, is proud to announce the launch of its revolutionary Free Learning Management System (Free LMS). It is designed to democratise skills training for organisations of all sizes, including those with limited budgets.

Built upon Alison’s core philosophy of providing free education to everyone, regardless of financial constraints, the Free LMS is poised to transform the landscape of organisational learning and development. By offering world-class training solutions at no cost, Alison aims to empower businesses, non-profits, and NGOs to compete on a global scale, fostering employee growth, retention, and engagement.

“Alison was founded to make quality education and skills training accessible to all. To fulfill that mission, we have always provided learning and career development tools for free, giving people the resources to empower themselves and transform their lives. We wanted to translate that philosophy for organisations too. With the introduction of our Free Learning Management System, we are breaking down the barriers of training budgets and opening doors for organisations to invest in their most valuable asset – their people,” said Mike Feerick, CEO and Founder of Alison.

Key features of Alison’s Free LMS include:

  • Free for Unlimited Users: Organisations can onboard an unlimited number of employees onto the platform at no cost, ensuring equitable access to training resources for all team members.
  • 5-Minute Set-Up: With a user-friendly interface and streamlined set-up process, organisations can get up and running on the Free LMS in just five minutes, without the need for extensive technical expertise or implementation fees.
  • 5,000+ Free Courses: Organisations can access Alison’s extensive library of over 5,000 free courses covering a wide range of topics, from business and technology to healthcare and soft skills development.
  • Personalised & Pre-Curated Courses: Our Free LMS offers customisable learning paths and pre-curated course collections tailored to organisational needs, allowing for targeted skills development and enhanced employee engagement.
  • No Implementation Fees: Alison’s Free LMS eliminates costly implementation fees, ensuring that organisations can allocate their resources towards meaningful training initiatives rather than administrative overheads
  • Live Virtual Support: As part of Free LMS, dedicated LMS Advisory support teams are available around the clock to provide assistance and guidance, ensuring a seamless learning experience for both administrators and learners.
  • Tracking and Individual Reporting: Free LMS comes with robust tracking and reporting capabilities, which includes real-time data-driven insights. This enables organisations to monitor learner progress, track completion rates, and generate detailed reports for performance analysis.

Alison’s Free Learning Management System represents a paradigm shift in corporate training and development, offering a comprehensive solution that meets the diverse learning needs of today’s organisations. By democratising education and empowering businesses, Alison is paving the way for a more inclusive and prosperous future. Sign up now

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