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SkyDeck AI Inc. Unveils Rememberizer AI, Revolutionizing AI Application Personalization

by Ohio Digital News

The New Service Increases the Relevance and Power of AI Applications and OpenAI Custom GPTs by Integrating Access to User Documents, Discussions and Application Memory

SkyDeck AI Inc. announces the launch of Rememberizer AI. This service personalizes AI applications and OpenAI Custom GPTs by integrating user data, enabling developers to create smarter, tailored experiences. Rememberizer AI also places a strong emphasis on user data control and privacy.

“Rememberizer AI is not just a platform; it’s a revolution in the way we interact with AI,” said Lawrence W. Sinclair, CEO and founder of SkyDeck AI Inc. “By empowering users and developers to integrate their knowledge into their AI experience, we’re making AI relevant. We’re building core infrastructure for the widespread adoption of AI.”

Revolutionizing Personalized AI:

Rememberizer AI addresses the critical challenge of missing user context in AI development. Unlike traditional AI that relies on broad, generic data, Rememberizer enables the incorporation of user-specific data — documents, discussions, application memories — from sources like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Slack. This capability ensures AI applications can deliver truly personalized interactions by understanding user preferences and context.

Benefits for Both Developers and Users

Rememberizer AI addresses key market needs by simplifying data accessibility and enhancing security and privacy. Rememberizer’s unique approach solves the pain points of both developers and users, making AI personalization accessible to a broader audience.

  • For Developers: Enhance your application by easily integrating up to 1GB of user-managed data per account, all through our free and scalable vector database. Expect seamless API integration, increased user reach, and continual support with new AI advancements. 
  • For Users: Experience personalized AI by effortlessly connecting your data. Retain control over your private content and selectively share your insights with multiple AI applications to enhance workflows.

Envisioning the Future of AI:

Rememberizer AI signifies a significant leap towards a future where AI seamlessly integrates into our lives, enhancing personal and professional experiences. Committed to innovation, SkyDeck AI Inc. is dedicated to advancing AI technology that is smart and respects user privacy and control.

About SkyDeck AI Inc.:

Established in 2023, SkyDeck AI Inc.’s focus is AI innovation, specializing in GPT model training, AI applications, and the development of business tools that enhance AI application personalization. The company is committed to creating solutions that leverage AI to its fullest potential, ensuring users and developers benefit from more meaningful and personalized experiences. For more details, visit our website or blog.

Join us at Remeberizer as we pave the way for a future where AI is not just smart but also deeply personal and intuitive, ensuring every interaction is as meaningful as it is innovative.

For a deeper dive into Rememberizer AI and its capabilities, please contact us.

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