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Voxpopme Announces AI Workshops for Insights Teams and Ad-Hoc Services

by Ohio Digital News

Voxpopme, the world’s leading qualitative insights platform, announces the launch of its AI Workshops and ad-hoc services designed for Insights professionals. The combined offering addresses the growing appetite to use AI to solve current insights industry challenges, including heightened demand for research, intricate project requirements, stretched budgets, and the pressing need for rapid insights delivery. 

Through educational online and in-person workshops, Voxpopme will teach individual insights teams how and when to use AI in their research. And with AI-assisted ad-hoc services, researchers can access Voxpopme’s suite of AI tools for individual qualitative research projects with the help of an on-demand research team.

“We are thrilled to introduce our AI-assisted research services and educational workshops. Teaching insight teams how to use AI for insights will empower professionals in the research community to unlock the true potential of AI for years to come,” said Jamin Brazil, CRO of Voxpopme.

Introducing ‘AI for Insights Pros’ educational workshops

Insights teams have embraced Voxpopme’s educational content about AI’s role research. Over 2,500 executives joined the company’s webinars in 2023 to understand the potential of AI. With the growing demand for AI education in insights, Voxpopme is rolling out interactive workshops to the broader insights industry. Available on request, the workshops will:

  • Introduce AI’s growing role in market research and teach how it can reduce costs and accelerate time-to-insights.
  • Provide a hands-on walkthrough of AI-powered qualitative research tools in action – giving attendees new research skills.
  • Give participants access to Voxpopme’s AI-assisted services and on-demand research team post-workshop to deliver individual research projects. 

Insights leaders who want to arrange workshops for their organization can learn more here.

Introducing AI-Assisted Ad-Hoc Services

Today’s market research teams face a rapid demand for insights, budget constraints, and resource limitations, all while racing against time for impactful decision-making. Voxpopme’s ad-hoc services are tailored to elevate research capabilities using cutting-edge AI technology and human expertise. Supported by Voxpopme’s newly appointed Director of Research Services and expanding team, our offerings include:

  1. Hands-On Delivery of Research Projects: Explore how our on-demand research services, combined with AI, deliver qualitative research that is better, faster, and more cost-effective.
  2. AI in Research Consultation: Gain insights into AI’s growing role in market research and learn to harness its full potential.
  3. AI-Powered Analysis: Use AI to analyze complex projects efficiently and stay within budget while achieving rapid insights.
  4. Human-AI Synergy: See how you can use AI as your research assistant, combining the best technology with your personal intuition and experience.

Researchers looking to access Voxpopme’s ad-hoc services for research projects can contact Voxpopme here

About Voxpopme 

Voxpopme transforms insights teams by collecting, centralizing, and analyzing qualitative data. The Voxpopme Qualitative Insights Platform uses artificial intelligence to enable teams to capture, understand, and act on all qualitative data in a single, integrated platform. Learn more at www.voxpopme.com.

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