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AI Winners and Losers: Far From Known

by Ohio Digital News

Unveiling the Spectrum of AI Futures – Insights from Glen Robinson, CEO at Platform One

Navigating the labyrinth of AI prognostications unveils a panorama of divergent visions that shape the very fabric of our future. In this landscape, Elon Musk envisions a world where job necessity fades into obsolescence, a stark counterpoint to futurist Ray Kurzweil’s forecast that computers will attain human-level intelligence by 2029. This article – written by Glen Robinson, Chief Executive Officer at Platform One, discusses the variegation in ideas and execution within the AI technology sphere. 

Microsoft, a pivotal player with its OpenAI investment and partnership, recently disclosed a remarkable $3.50 return for every $1 invested in AI. Crunchbase sheds further light on the AI surge, revealing that 25% of dollars invested in American startups this year have funneled into AI companies, birthing an impressive 200 AI unicorns.

Yet, as seasoned observers of technological hype cycles can attest, behind the gloss of success lies a landscape dotted with more failures than triumphs. Distinguishing authenticity from hype becomes imperative. Lingering questions persist – what truly constitutes a groundbreaking development? Which companies reside at the vanguard of AI, and which merely ride the current? Above all, the trillion-dollar query looms large: What avenues hold the potential for substantial financial gains in this ever-evolving arena?

Innovators, whether assuming the role of David or Goliath, emerging as first-time founders or seasoned veterans, share a common thread – endeavors they undertake will wield considerable influence. They aren’t merely adjusting to change but actively sculpting the future. These AI innovators stand as a testament to the transformative might of AI, serving as pioneers who shape not only the technological landscape but also how we inhabit, labor, and engage with the world that surrounds us.

As the AI narrative unfolds, these trailblazing innovators shape the trajectory of AI evolution. Their impact goes beyond technological advancements, extending into the realms of societal transformation. They are architects of a future where AI isn’t just a tool but an integral part of our daily lives, influencing how we work, live, and perceive the world. In this dynamic landscape, the stories of these innovators become chapters in a larger narrative, unfolding the profound impact of AI on the course of human history. 

About the author: Glen Robinson, Chief Executive Officer at Platform One, is an accomplished professional specializing in corporate turnarounds with extensive international experience in private equity and global blue-chip organizations. With a proven track record in leading companies during times of acute corporate stress globally, Glen brings a unique skill set to his role.

His diverse experience, from corporate development to leadership in the tech industry, reflects his strategic thinking and commitment to operational excellence. Glen holds a Master’s degree in Commercial Law, an MBA in Business Administration from DUKE University, and qualifications from CPA Australia. Throughout his career, he has been a driving force in fostering growth and success in challenging business environments. 

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