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Giant Leap in Vaping Safety: AIR BAR Introduces Precision Temperature Control (PTC) Technology in Diamond Box Disposable Vape

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Leading disposable vape industry brand AIR BAR elevates the vaping experience through groundbreaking PTC technology in new Diamond Box vape device

AIR BAR, a trailblazer in the nicotine disposable vape industry, unveiled at this year’s Total Product Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, its latest technological marvel: Precision Temperature Control (PTC) technology. This revolutionary advancement is embedded in the highly anticipated Diamond Box, AIR BAR’s newest disposable vape, which received high demand at this year’s trade show held at the Las Vegas Convention Center. PTC technology sets a new benchmark by intelligently adjusting atomization power in real-time, ensuring a continuous and stable vaporization experience throughout the product’s lifespan.

Disposable vape devices currently on the market often suffer from issues such as unstable flavor and easy burning. To tackle these challenges, AIR BAR has pioneered the use of PTC technology. This cutting-edge approach, backed by a patented invention (Patent No.: 2023118519017), monitors and controls the atomization core temperature, providing real-time adjustments for a seamless vaping experience.

PTC operates by monitoring the atomization core temperature hundreds of times per second and adjusting the battery’s input power in milliseconds. This precision control ensures that the atomization core temperature stays within the optimal range for e-liquid, enhancing flavor and preventing issues like scorching, a process that occurs when a coil overheats or dries out during vaping, causing the coil’s cotton wick to burn and leaving an unpleasant taste. PTC spans the entire lifespan of the product, delivering consistent and high-quality vaping.

PTC ensures stable vaporization, maintaining the atomization core temperature within the optimal range for a superior flavor and vaping experience. This technology provides continuous and stable vaporization throughout the product’s lifespan, preventing the occurrence of a strong flavor followed by a fading taste. PTC intelligently identifies low e-liquid levels and prevents scorching by adjusting or cutting off power output, as well as real-time monitoring which prevents issues like overheating or excessive temperatures, resulting in a safer vaping experience.

Diamond Box offers 20,000 puffs, a 3D diamond-patterned body, OLED screen, and USB Type-C rechargeability. With Pre-Heating Coil (PHC) technology, which AIR BAR introduced earlier this year, and PTC technology, this device brings an unparalleled vaping experience. Diamond Box will next be available to experience, before it hits stores later this month, at CHAMPS Trade Shows in Las Vegas at the Las Vegas Convention Center on February 14-17, 2024. AIR BAR looks forward to further educating both industry players and the public on its proprietary PTC technology.

About AIR BAR:

Established in 2019, AIR BAR is a leading nicotine disposable vape company committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation. Dedicated to research and development and education, AIR BAR consistently delivers cutting-edge products, offering a healthier and safer alternative to smoking.

For media inquiries: media@airbar.com

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