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OnSwitch Plus 4.0 to Streams Real-Time Light and Sound Experience for Sunday’s Big Game and Beyond

by Ohio Digital News

Press Release

Feb 7, 2024 09:00 PST

Get stadium thrills in your living room with play-by-play light shows for Philips Hue. New version expands coverage to all games in the NFL, NBA, MLB and EPL. Achieves breakthrough level of live-action synchronization.

OnSwitch+ Streams Light Show for NFL's Sunday Spectacle

Buzzhaus, LLC is excited to unveil the latest upgrade to the OnSwitch Plus app, transforming living rooms into electrifying stadium experiences. The popular smart lighting app now features a dynamic, play-by-play light show synchronized with live TV sports. For Sunday’s Big Game, the app will stream a spectacle of colors and sounds that react in real-time to touchdowns, sacks, interceptions, and even the national anthem and halftime show. This version also introduces full-season game-sync coverage for NFL, NBA, MLB, and EPL games. This new service will stream customized light shows for more than 4,000 games annually. OnSwitch works with the Philips Hue lighting system with a smart bridge.

Enhance Your Game Without Delay

Forget the frustration of 30-second delayed scoring reactions common in other apps. OnSwitch Plus 4.0 achieves a new level of synchronization, delivering light effects that track TV game action as it happens. Using a mix of human “event producers” and real-time data from official league partners, OnSwitch’s game-sync system is designed to stay ahead of your broadcast, ensuring you’re part of every play as it happens. The adjustable delay feature keeps light shows tightly synced regardless of your TV delivery method, whether terrestrial, cable, satellite or streaming.

The Excitement Never Dims — Highlighting Major Plays

OnSwitch Plus celebrates touchdowns, home runs, 3-point shots, and goals with our most energetic lighting effects. Yet, a lot of exciting gameplay leads up to those peak moments. OnSwitch highlights a variety of plays in each sport with shorter animated light effects. 

Examples include:

  • American Football: first downs, sacks, interceptions and fumbles
  • Baseball: base hits, strikeouts, walks, hit-by-pitch, ground outs, fly outs and double-plays
  • Basketball: fouls, free-throws and timeouts
  • English Football: tackles, goal keeper saves, corner kicks, fouls and yellow cards

The capability to highlight general gameplay in real-time is unique to OnSwitch Plus. Even in a 0-0 Premier League match, OnSwitch Plus will keep the excitement going with a compelling light show. 

Get OnSwitch Plus

OnSwitch app is available on iOS and Android. The game-sync feature is available on iOS only.

Download OnSwitch Plus:  iOS App Store  |  Android Play Store

Source: Buzzhaus, LLC

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