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Red Bay Coffee Celebrates a Decade of Black-Owned Excellence

by Ohio Digital News

”When we founded Red Bay Coffee it was a special moment, that moment has evolved into a Black Coffee movement.” -Keba Konte, Founder 

Red Bay Coffee, the longest-running black-owned coffee brand in the U.S., is proud to announce its upcoming 10th-anniversary celebration, marking a decade of resilience, innovation, and breaking down barriers in the coffee industry. The celebration, aptly named RED BAY 10, will showcase the company’s remarkable journey and commitment to diversity, equity, and excellence under the visionary leadership of founder Keba Konte.

Keba Konte, an artist and entrepreneur, started Red Bay Coffee with a vision to bring diversity and excellence to an industry that lacked representation. His unwavering commitment to social responsibility, ethical business practices, and fostering community engagement has been instrumental in Red Bay Coffee’s success over the past decade.

Red Bay Coffee’s inception traces back to the home roasting lab, nestled in Keba Konte’s garage. In his quest to master the art of specialty coffee, Keba built this intimate coffee sanctuary, affectionately known as the Coffee Dojo. Here, he dedicated himself to learning and refining the intricacies of coffee craftsmanship. The term “Dojo” takes on a profound meaning, representing more than just a physical space—it embodies a school for training and practice, shaping Red Bay Coffee’s commitment to continuous improvement and excellence in the world of coffee.

The RED BAY 10 celebration will honor the legacy of Red Bay Coffee’s journey. Special events, collaborations, and limited-edition releases throughout February will pay tribute to the legacy of Red Bay Coffee. To commemorate this historic celebration, Red Bay Coffee has organized a vibrant brass band performance, scheduled to take place on February 10 at noon, right in front of our Grand Lake Cafe. 

One of the highlights of RED BAY 10 is the release of a commemorative limited edition coffee blend and collector’s tin can. Crafted from meticulously sourced beans from Kenya and Guatemala, this unique blend embodies the company’s commitment to supporting small farmers.

To our valued supporters, including Oakland’s own Zendaya, thank you for standing by us, believing in our mission, and helping us break down barriers in the coffee industry. And to our esteemed investors, including Ryan Coogler and Hannibal Buress, your belief in our vision and support have played a pivotal role in our growth and impact. 

The company invites its loyal customers, partners, and the general public to join in the celebration of RED BAY 10. Follow Red Bay Coffee on social media and visit the official website for updates on events, releases, and other anniversary festivities.

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