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oakpool Makes Alex Delano a Partner

by Ohio Digital News

Delano’s position has evolved from contractor to Creative Director, to Partner.

Digital advertising firm oakpool has brought Creative Director Alex Delano on as a Partner. Delano initially joined the firm, which is 100% founder & partner-owned, as a contributor in 2020. She has worked her way up to Creative Director and Partner through continued success on projects with clients ranging from Fortune 500s to Independent films. Delano’s CV, both with oakpool, and elsewhere in her career, includes brands such as GORE-TEX, Asics, HOKA, Salomon, Vans, and Goslings Rum. Alex also serves as a producer on MEKO, oakpool’s upcoming film project in partnership with Pandion Creative. She has also been featured on HGTV through her work at Astek in the Los Angeles entertainment industry.

Delano and founders James Hamilton & Alex Ford first met in 2017, prior to Oakpool’s inception, through a shared client, Boston’s custom ski manufacturer Parlor Skis.

Delano says of the partnership, “My relationship with oakpool is unique in that it’s completely symbiotic – we have common interests, similar business approaches, and are able to help fill in the gaps that the other has. Everyone looks out for each other, while also maintaining their own voice and independent creative decisions. It’s an exciting and natural next step for all of us. I couldn’t be more thrilled to collaborate, create, and grow together.”

A Boston native now living in Los Angeles, California, Delano is an avid skier, yogi, plant-enthusiast, and artist, who loves bringing creative energy into her home decor, fashion, and hobbies. 

Since Adding Alex to the team, oakpool has significantly expanded its design and creative offerings.

Co-Founder James Hamilton says of the move, “We are thrilled to welcome Alex Delano to our partnership at oakpool. From the very first project we collaborated on to today, Alex has consistently shown up as a diligent, creative, and communicative team member. I can’t wait to see what we create together.”

In the partnership, Alex will bring her existing book of independent design and marketing clients over to the firm. 


Founded by James Hamilton & Alex Ford in 2018, oakpool is a globally distributed firm with a track record of delivering results for organizations ranging from Caesar’s Entertainment, GORE-TEX, and Goslings Rum to boutique fly fishing lodges and tour operators worldwide. The firm operates by plugging into clients with the accessibility of a full-time team and the resources and flexibility of a global network. Specializing in growth marketing, content, design, and business intelligence services, oakpool is 100% founder & partner-owned. The company comprises a full-time team of 8 and a broader network of 40+ regular contributors.

oakpool gets its name from a stretch of water on the Musconetcong River in Western New Jersey. It was after an evening of fly fishing on this deep, slow, stretch of the river that Ford and Hamilton agreed to go into business together.

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