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Now AI Will Make Phone Calls for You

by Ohio Digital News

Press Release

Jan 26, 2024 09:00 EST

PhoneCallGPT Will Automatically Call People or Companies to Complete Your Tasks


PhoneCallGPT.com empowers anyone to enter the phone number of a business or person to make a human-sounding call on their behalf. Simply type what you would like PhoneCallGPT to accomplish and its powerful “voice AI” will do the rest. PhoneCallGPT launched exclusively on the FreedomGPT network (owned by Age Of AI, LLC) with the goal of giving everyone their own personal assistant.

Instead of spending hours on hold each month, have PhoneCallGPT make calls for you. Since, its launch this month, thousands of people have used PhoneCallGPT to make time-consuming calls for them. One individual used PhoneCallGPT to notify their neighbors of important information about their community. Another used it to automatically check in on relatives. Still another used it to avoid long wait times when calling a large company. 

Finally, consumers and small businesses have access to their own personal AI phone call service. “The goal of PhoneCallGPT.com is to give the power of AI to individuals to make their lives more efficient. AI phone calling is a tool that huge corporations have had for decades. Now everyone can have access to an AI phone calling tool that works almost as well as a human,” said Zach Arrow, the co-founder of PhoneCallGPT.com.

PhoneCallGPT is also sought by businesses looking for a more friendly and productive way to reach out to new and existing companies. It’s also able to provide technical product support far cheaper and better than traditional call centers. In the coming weeks, PhoneCallGPT will expand its consumer offering to include an enterprise plan. 

Source: Age Of AI, LLC

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