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AI Startup Legalyze.ai Receives $100,000 Angel Investment from Payment Ventures

by Ohio Digital News

New Funding to Enhance Legalyze.ai’s AI-Driven Legal Solution and Expand Market Reach

Legalyze.ai, a rising AI startup that is poised to revolutionize how legal professionals handle casework, is pleased to announce it has received a $100,000 angel investment from Bethesda, Maryland-based venture capital firm Payment Ventures.

The investment marks a pivotal moment in the journey of Legalyze.ai, which specializes in AI-powered solutions for legal workflows, including GenAI and AI document review. The company’s innovative software helps lawyers implement AI securely by prioritizing factual accuracy and ensuring reliability.

“We are thrilled to have Payment Ventures on board,” said Legalyze.ai CEO Chris Ford. “Their belief in our vision for Legalyze.ai is a powerful affirmation of our approach to leveraging AI in legal workflows. This funding will propel us forward, enhancing our platform’s features and extending our reach in the legal tech market.”

Tony VanBrackle, the CEO of Payment Ventures, added, “Legalyze.ai’s innovative use of AI in legal workflows presents a game-changing opportunity. We are excited to support their journey in reshaping the legal industry.”

The funding by Payment Ventures is expected to drive further development and expansion of Legalyze.ai’s services as the company aims to impact the legal tech industry significantly. With a focus on data security and legal workflow automation, Legalyze.ai is set to become a key player in the evolving landscape of legal technology.

For more information and to start a free trial, visit legalyze.ai.

About Legalyze.ai

Based in Dallas, Texas, Legalyze.ai helps lawyers quickly review and generate documents using AI. Aimed at making law firms more competitive in their markets, the company’s platform allows lawyers and their staff to streamline their workflows by using their case files with AI, saving valuable time and optimizing their practices.

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