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Altitude Water and New Use Energy Solutions Partner to Provide Integrated Sustainable Electricity and Clean Drinking Water Generation Systems Anywhere, Anytime

by Ohio Digital News

Altitude Water, a U.S.-based leader in Atmospheric Water Generators (AWGs), and New Use Energy Solutions (NUE), a Phoenix-based expert in mobile solar technologies, have joined forces to deliver innovative solar-plus-water generation systems. These systems are designed to ensure sustainable electricity and clean drinking water in any location, particularly beneficial for areas impacted by disasters or situated remotely.

Jeffrey Szur, COO of Altitude Water, said, “Since entering the water space 14 years ago, it has always been Altitude’s goal to utilize solar power to provide a quiet, clean, fume-free, low-carbon emissions solution to meet the growing needs for clean water in communities affected by disasters or in remote locations.”

The partnership between Altitude Water and NUE is grounded in their extensive experience in enhancing community resilience around the world, including the U.S. Gulf Coast, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Maui.

Their collaboration was sparked through their involvement with FootprintProject.org during a project in Maui. Will Heegaard, Operations Director of Footprint Project, states, “In October 2023, we began looking for sustainable solutions to the Louisiana saltwater intrusion disaster and found Altitude Water. A week later, our paths crossed in Maui. Private-public partnerships are essential to build back greener and connecting these two innovative emerging-growth technology companies just made sense.”

This alliance brings together Altitude’s advanced AWGs and NUE’s versatile solar and battery solutions, offering a resilient and sustainable alternative to traditional power and water sources. Their systems are already operational in areas requiring disaster relief and military and government support, and in the live events and film production sectors.

Paul Shmotolokha, CEO of New Use Energy, said, “We are thrilled to be working with Altitude Water to connect renewable energy with water generation. Changes in technology and reduced material costs are enabling the change from reliance on gas generators to solar- and battery-powered water creation anytime, anywhere. Jeff and his team have a long history working with NGOs after disasters and disaster response is in NUE’s DNA, so we are a great fit.”

Recently, Altitude Water updated its website to feature a solar generator by New Use Energy bundled with Altitude’s T-12 unit, enhancing the reliability of water supply.

The team is focusing on developing mobile disaster relief solutions. Jeff Szur concludes, “We were ahead of our time 14 years ago when we just focused on building the best AWG on the market. Today, with bottled water now the #1 beverage sold in the world, but with our aquifers being contaminated, our solution couldn’t be timelier to avert another environmental catastrophe with so much plastic waste proliferating and choking our eco-system. I truly believe we have an amazing partnership to avert a catastrophe.”

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