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NLC Insurance® Expands Loveland Innovations’ IMGING® Platform for Efficiency in Property Claims

by Ohio Digital News

NLC Insurance® announces the continued expansion of the IMGING® property inspection data platform by Loveland Innovations to enhance customer experience during property claims. By incorporating IMGING’s inspection and property data analytical tools, adjusters work claims faster and more accurately, improving the overall claims experience.

Now in year three of this partnership, NLC is expanding usage to their entire claims organization, providing NLC property claims adjusters with IMGING’s AI-powered inspection platform. By centralizing property inspection data in one platform, NLC will gain further efficiency and consistency in claims management.

“Our goal is to continually improve the quality and speed of our claims handling to deliver an excellent experience for our customers,” said Richard Lord, VP of Claims at NLC Insurance Companies. “IMGING helps us do that. Performing inspections safely, measuring roofs, and managing property data are simple, fast, and accurate in the IMGING platform. This removes manual tasks from our adjusters’ workload, allowing them to handle more claims while staying laser-focused on the customer experience.”

“NLC’s reputation of providing a supportive, personal, and local insurance is evident in their commitment to ever improving the claims management process,” said Jim Loveland, Founder and CEO of Loveland Innovations. “Their focus on providing an excellent customer experience makes it a pleasure to work together.”

Loveland Innovations’ IMGING®, is an AI-powered property data and inspection platform that serves as a centralized hub of analysis and capture for all claims data. It automates and makes consistent data capture easy with patented technology, provides precise 3-D models and measurements, organizes photos to custom specifications in the cloud, uses automated artificial intelligence to identify potential damage for adjuster review, and makes reporting, sharing, and collaboration simple.

About NLC Insurance

Founded in 1840 in Norwich, Connecticut, NLC Insurance has over 190 years of insurance expertise, serving most New England states with a focus on homeowners, auto, dwelling fire, and commercial policies. We work with 300+ independent agencies and are proud members of industry associations, including the National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies and the Property Casualty Insurance Association of America. NLC’s enduring legacy and dedication ensure reliable insurance for years to come.

About Loveland Innovations 

Loveland Innovations is the maker of IMGING, the leading platform for property inspections and analytics. With IMGING, inspection professionals use smartphones and automated drones to digitize a property or structure, and analyze it with the help of deep learning and computer vision, giving them the clarity to act quickly and confidently.

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