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LOKLiK Unveils the Newest Intelligent Heat Press Machines at CES 2024

by Ohio Digital News

The innovative DIY brand introduces its latest members in the heat press family, LOKLiK ImPressTM Hat and LOKLiK ImPressTM Auto 2, at CES 2024 from Jan 9th-12th in Las Vegas. 

LOKLiK, a game changer redefining the development of handicraft machines, commanded attention at CES 2024 with its new generations of heat press machines, LOKLiK ImPressTM Hat and LOKLiK ImPressTM Auto 2, alongside its sister brand, HTVRONT in Venetian Expo Hall, Las Vegas. The booth number was 50571.

These heat presses demonstrate an aggressive increase in creative productivity and user-friendly intelligence. Armed with the premium handicraft materials from its sister brand, HTVRONT, LOKLiK earned great recognition from industrial insiders, craft enthusiasts, and influencers at the world-leading tech event.

Born as the first generation of LOKLiK’s hat heat press, LOKLiK ImPressTM Hat is designed to massively inspire every crafter’s imagination and creative realm while delivering an intuitive and controllable crafting experience. Features a real-time digital screen, integrating flexible heat settings designed carefully to align with ergonomic concepts; LOKLiK ImPressTM Hat empowers craft enthusiasts with foolproof hat creations out of accuracy.

With a multifunctional storage design and a matched semi-spherical ironing mat of great heat resistance, this heat press machine substantially enhances storage convenience and consistent heating performance, perfectly fitting a diversity of hat and cap blanks. It’s said that the LOKLiK ImPressTM Hat will be released in March.

LOKLiK ImPressTM Auto 2 was given birth by LOKLiK’s brand philosophy, endowing craft lovers with the ability and eagerness to self-express and share via easy-to-use and creative products. Based on the first generation of the LOKLiK automatic heat press – this machine has already won 41.84% market share from the launch day, LOKLiK ImPressTM Auto 2 adopts a more vanguard technology to realize pressure adjustment feature and a flipped touch screen for customized setups. The CES attendees performed excitement towards its launch in the middle of 2024 as the second generation seems to meet their current demands for heat presses further.  

“We have always been on the journey of developing more advanced DIY machines and products. What we are striving for here is the increasing happiness and joy of crafters worldwide,” said Herman, the CEO of LOKLiK and HTVRONT, “These new heat press products being introduced today have been through what we called hard and long road over the last year. We’re delighted that they finally showed their appearance at CES 2024, and there will be more intelligent machines in the upcoming year.”

Daisy Multifacetica, a famous YouTuber in the DIY industry with over 3,00,000 followers, commented that LOKLiK is a genuinely innovative brand seeking non-stop development by actively interacting with consumers and industrial professionals, delving deeply into their innate calls. Like many other influencers at the event, Daisy showed her strong support and will towards these new machines.

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