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North Bay Industries Proudly Supports New Law Requiring American-Made Flags for the Department of Defense

by Ohio Digital News

North Bay Industries is pleased to announce all flags manufactured by the company comply with a new law that requires American flags purchased by the Department of Defense to be made in America by American workers and use American-grown and manufactured materials. They are proud to have been involved in pushing for this legislation, which ensures American service members receive authentic American flags.

“North Bay Industries is very proud to be part of this bill that ensures that every military member receives an American Flag that is made from materials grown and created in America. Thank you to Congressman Thompson and his team for pushing such an important bill for our service men and women,” said North Bay Industries CEO Robert Hutt, who asked Rep. Thompson to introduce the legislation.

North Bay Industries, the parent company of RealAmericanFlag.com, has built a strong reputation for its commitment to 100% American-made quality. The company produces American flags made entirely from products and materials that are certified “Made in America.” Using cotton grown and picked in Georgia, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, California, Oklahoma and the Carolinas, the flags are manufactured at a Rohnert Park, California, facility by American workers, most of whom have moderate to severe disabilities. North Bay Industries offers a fully integrated work force with continuous vocational and skill training, allowing employees to enjoy working in many different areas of the production line.

Rep. Mike Thompson (CA-04) and Rep. Claudia Tenney (NY-24) secured the law on January 11, 2024.

For more information about North Bay Industries and their flag production process, visit https://nbrs.org or RealAmericanFlag.com.


North Bay Rehabilitation Services, Inc. (NBRS) dba North Bay Industries (NBI), is a California non-profit organization established in 1968. The purpose of the corporation is to assist adults with disabilities to become more productive, self-reliant members of their communities through participation in agency-sponsored training, housing and employment programs. These programs may include remunerative employment, pre-vocational training, and other habilitation and rehabilitation services determined by the Board of Directors to be needed and useful to the community. The goal of all programs provided shall be to increase the independence and level of normalization of the individuals served.

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