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Gunship Helicopters Expands Thrilling Experience With the M240 From the Helicopter

by Ohio Digital News

This once-in-a-lifetime bucket list experience is available only in Las Vegas, Nevada, with a variety of experiences available for guests to explore.

Gunship Helicopters, a Las Vegas based attraction, offers guests the unique opportunity to take aim at an array of mountainside targets from the side of an airborne helicopter. Gunship Helicopters announced a new addition to their lineup, an M240 fully automatic machine gun, available to shoot from the helicopter or on the ground. Experiences on the new M240 will complement the existing air arsenal featuring the M249 SAW and the M134 Minigun.

“Gunship Helicopters is thrilled to add a new experience to our array of entertainment for our guests of all backgrounds and skill levels. The M240 will be sure to amaze anyone looking for the ultimate adrenaline adventure,” says Casey Pursell, Director of Sales and Marketing.

Safety is a top priority at Gunship Helicopters. Guests must complete an orientation and mission briefing before getting on the helicopter. Additionally, there is an air range safety officer who accompanies guests on the flight who will prepare the gun, direct the passengers in its firing, and is responsible for its operation. The gun is attached to a mount on the outside of the helicopter, which allows a person to shoot while safely remaining inside the aircraft. With the doors open, the individual will be able to feel the rush of firing a gun at steel targets and wreckage hundreds of yards away while safely belted in their seat.

In addition to the newly added M240, Gunship Helicopters features both aerial and ground shooting experiences, including the M249 SAW, Barrett .50 caliber, MP5, M4A1, and AK47. Visitors can choose between packages based on their individual preferences and also may opt for additional flight time enhancements. 

Gunship Helicopters’ staff and range are also available for content creation and group outings. Services include team building, custom videos, film location venue, corporate events, and defense contractor testing to name a few. 

For more information, please visit their website at www.gunshiphelicopters.com.


Gunship Helicopters is the only place in Las Vegas where you can shoot a machine gun from a helicopter. The 71-acre private range is located in the Mojave Desert just outside of Las Vegas in Sandy Valley, Nevada. Founded in 2015, Gunship Helicopters is privately owned by Robert Fahnestock, Matthew Fahnestock and Randy Saenz. For more information, visit www.gunshiphelicopters.com. Follow us on Facebook @gunshiphelicopterslasvegas and Instagram @gunshiphelicopters.

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