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Dr. Yogin Patel Named CEO of ApolloMD

by Ohio Digital News

Marking a new chapter in its 40-year journey of excellence and innovation, ApolloMD announces a CEO transition and key leadership changes for 2024. Five highly accomplished executives assume new roles, reflecting ApolloMD’s commitment to recognizing and nurturing talent within the organization. 

As of January 1, Yogin Patel, MD, MBA, FACEP, stepped into the role of Chief Executive Officer, responsible for overseeing all aspects of ApolloMD’s operations and the company’s strategic direction. A practicing ApolloMD emergency medicine physician at several partner hospitals since 2008, Dr. Patel served as a divisional president starting in 2013 and rose to president in 2017.

“I look forward to driving our strategy as a clinician-led group that is a high-quality, solution-based organization. With our patients at the center of what we do, we pride ourselves on delivering practical solutions to impossible problems at a time when health care is at a real inflection point,” says Dr. Patel. “At ApolloMD, we’ve always had to demonstrate our value to potential clients. We are well suited for the current challenges in health care… our teams earn it every day!”

Other key C-suite promotions include:

  • Evan C. Howell, MBA, PA-C, M.M.Sc., to President of Clinical Operations from Chief Clinical Operations Officer 
  • Josh Hargraves, MD, FACEP, to Divisional President from Regional President
  • Ayaz Pathan, MD, MBA, FACEP, to Divisional President from Regional President
  • Michael Dolister, MD, CPE, FACEP, who has served as CEO since 2013, will remain actively involved in company oversight in a new role as ApolloMD’s Executive Chairman. He plans to leverage his years of experience to strengthen partner relationships and assist in the continued development of the company’s strategic vision. 

“Dr. Patel brings a wealth of knowledge and new ideas to the role, and I am looking forward to seeing all that he can accomplish,” says Dr. Dolister. “His ability to build strong relationships as well as his innovative way of thinking is something that will benefit the future growth of ApolloMD tremendously.”

Among the opportunities Dr. Patel envisions:

  • Strategic investments in technologies that allow ApolloMD associates to work to the fullest extent of their licenses
  • Clinical support through process and workflow adaptations that enable more efficient, compassionate care with less non-value-added work
  • Tactical embrace of telemedicine, artificial intelligence, and machine learning technologies to improve health care decision-making and policies
  • New work-related paradigms for health care professionals, including the possibility of virtual nursing or clinical extenders to provide needed or specialty care in underserved or understaffed areas/specialties 

“Of all the things I could have done in life, I was given an amazing opportunity to be part of an organization that serves and cares for others,” he says with equal parts pride and humility. “What an amazing and awesome responsibility!”

About ApolloMD

ApolloMD partners with more than 100 hospitals nationwide to provide integrated, multispecialty physician, APC and practice management services in Emergency Medicine, Hospital Medicine, and Revenue Cycle Management. Our high touch, solution-based approach emphasizes quality, efficiency, communication and patient experience. Through ApolloMD Partners, Inc., all eligible physicians and advanced practice clinicians have the opportunity to become owners. ApolloMD works collaboratively with partner facilities to implement best practices and process improvement across the board in a cost-effective manner. Learn more about our growing team at apollomd.com.

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