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Roman Stone Announces the Retirement of Thomas Montalbine and Names Daniel Murray as CEO

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Roman Stone Construction Company announced today that it has named Daniel Murray as President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), as Thomas Montalbine will retire. Mr. Montalbine will continue to represent the Montalbine family, which founded the company in 1903, as a part of the ownership group and will remain on the Board of Directors. Mr. Murray brings to Roman Stone a wealth of experience in the precast concrete manufacturing industry, with more than 20 years of experience owning, operating, and leading precast companies across the United States. He most recently served as a senior executive at Oldcastle Infrastructure.   

“On behalf of the entire Board of Directors, I would like to sincerely thank Tom Montalbine for his successful leadership of Roman Stone since 2002. We wish him the very best in retirement and look forward to working with him as a Board member,” said John P. Danner, Chairman of Roman Stone and founder of The Alzana Group. He added, “We are thrilled to have attracted a new CEO of the caliber of Daniel Murray, with his deep operational experience, strong leadership skills, and long track record of delivering quality products and excellent service to customers.”

Mr. Montalbine commented, “We firmly believe that Daniel will lead the company to new heights, while complementing Roman Stone’s special culture which celebrates close teamwork, dedicated customer service, and quality in everything we do.” He added, “I have every confidence in Daniel to lead the company forward, as I retire from day-to-day activities and focus on my duties as a member of the Board of Directors.”

“I am deeply honored to be named as the first leader of Roman Stone outside the Montalbine family in 120 years. I am very impressed by Roman Stone’s talented people, attractive products, and deep culture of quality. I very much share the Board’s vision of significant growth and capacity expansion and I am very excited by the opportunity,” commented Daniel Murray.

Roman Stone, located less than 30 miles east of Manhattan, is the closest industrial manufacturer of precast concrete products to New York City and produces a wide variety of products, including temporary and permanent roadway barriers, proprietary underground electrical conduit, and underwater renewable energy electrical transmission protection products. 

About Roman Stone: Roman Stone is a small business enterprise that was incorporated in New York in 1903 and has operated continuously since then. As a leading precast concrete manufacturer, the company has attained certification as an approved supplier for NYSDOT, Nassau County DPW, Suffolk County DPW, Port Authority NY/NJ, Con Edison, MTA NYC DCAS and most other government and quasi-government agencies in the New York City area.  The company’s workforce is unionized with Local 731, Local 138, and Local 282. For more information, please visit https://romanstoneco.com.       

For follow-on media inquiries, please contact John Danner at jdanner@alzanagroup.com

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