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Presidential Candidate Ryan Binkley Calls on Iowa Voters to Pray Over Their Choice

by Ohio Digital News

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Jan 11, 2024 16:45 CST

Surging Republican Candidate Urges Caucusgoers Not to Waste Their Vote

Presidential Candidate Ryan Binkley

In his closing appeal to Iowa’s Republican caucusgoers, CEO and pastor Ryan Binkley urges voters to consider their options prayerfully. The ad, titled “Believe In,” features the candidate driving his familiar campaign truck across Iowa as he speaks directly to voters.

“Before I make any big decision in my life, I take it to God in prayer,” explained Binkley. “I’m asking Iowans to do the same as they consider who they will trust with our nation’s future.”

Binkley’s campaign has focused heavily on Iowa since launching last April. The candidate has put thousands of miles on his truck, becoming the first candidate seeking the 2024 Republican presidential nomination to complete the “Full Grassley,” visiting every county in Iowa.

“The road to America’s economic and spiritual revival starts in Iowa,” Binkley continued. “I feel so encouraged and blessed by how warmly the voters here have welcomed my family and embraced our vision for restoring America’s faith in God, freedom, and each other.”

In the final days before the Iowa caucuses, Binkley is reminding voters they have real choices in this election, despite what the media and Washington power-brokers are saying.

“The only way you can waste your vote is by caucusing for someone you don’t believe in,” Binkley concluded. “The media and pollsters don’t get the final say in this election. You do!”

Ryan Binkley is the CEO of Generational Group and co-leading pastor of Create Church, along with his wife Ellie. To view “Believe In,” click here. To learn more about Ryan Binkley and his campaign, visit Binkley2024.com.

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