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TruPro Elites Announces TruLaunch University Mentorship Program for Amazon FBA Success

by Ohio Digital News

New programs from the leading e-commerce advisor provide valuable insight into building a successful brand and passive income stream with an Amazon store.

Over two billion people browse through Amazon products every month, and shoppers spent more than $514 billion on the platform in 2022. Now, TruPro Elites, an e-commerce consulting agency, offers people the training to capitalize on the online shopping boom with the TruLaunch University mentorship program and the TruLaunch Academy course.   

The TruLaunch Academy course gives participants a step-by-step, A-to-Z approach for starting and scaling a private label “Fulfillment By Amazon” (Amazon FBA) store. TruLaunch University Mentorship provides entrepreneurs with the extra support needed from TruPro coaches and the TruPro community to build their stores and ensure success.  

A private label Amazon FBA is in essence a personal brand and can be the most profitable form of Amazon store, according to TruPro Elites head coach Fernando Azevedo, who has helped scale store brands to 32 million-plus on Amazon.    

“Launching an Amazon private label store brand is not just a business venture – it’s a pathway to financial freedom,” said Fernando Azevedo, head coach at TruPro Elites. “By creating and cultivating your brand, you seize control of your destiny, leveraging the immense reach and resources of Amazon to build a sustainable income stream and chart your course towards financial independence. TruLaunch University and Academy will get you on the right path for success.”    

The Amazon FBA system delivers strong results. Almost nine out of 10 (89%) Amazon sellers are profitable using the FBA program, according to junglescout.com. Despite rising costs, 37% saw their profits increase in 2022. Three out of four sellers indicated profit margins above 10%, and more than half said margins rose above 15%.  

The TruLaunch mentorship and course programs are designed to help entrepreneurs build a brand in the e-commerce space within 30 to 45 days, building an additional income stream that has the potential to be a primary source of revenue. “Simply one or two private label products can replace your mortgage payment or other bills within the first six to 12 months, taking you a step closer to financial freedom,” Azevedo said.   

TruPro Elites has guided more than 150 clients in launching DFY (“Done For You) online stores and sees its new offerings as a way to make its experience more accessible to the world.  

“This launch is our way of sharing all the knowledge we have gathered over the years to help even more clients reach their income goals or essentially financial freedom,” said CEO, Anthony Wilson.  

For more information, visit https://www.truproelites.com/ or @truproelites on Instagram.  

About TruPro Elites   

TruPro Elites is an Atlanta-based e-commerce consulting agency established in 2021. Our goal is to assist individuals in achieving long-term sustainable financial freedom by providing reliable passive income options that yield consistent results and predictable returns. Our proven expertise has helped create over 100+ Amazon stores, and our motto, “Trust the Process,” reflects our commitment to achieving the best results for our clients. Our team coaches and trains individuals to successfully run their own Amazon storefronts, using a calculated approach to determine the right products to feature and sell, along with offering done for you and placement services. Choose TruPro Elites to guide you on your path to financial independence.  

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