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Leader in Security Risk Management Joins ArmorPoint to Expand vCISO Service Offering

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ArmorPoint, LLC, a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions, is pleased to announce the appointment of Andrew Hernandez, CISM, CISA, as its new Director of Risk Management. 

Hernandez, a seasoned professional with over 28 years of experience in financial services, risk management, and IT, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to ArmorPoint. His career has been marked by significant contributions to the field of risk management, where he has consistently demonstrated exceptional leadership and a deep understanding of cybersecurity risks and challenges.

In his role as Director of Risk Management, Hernandez will leverage his extensive experience in heavily regulated industries, which equips him with an ability to empathize with clients, understand their priorities, risk appetites, and compliance requirements. His ability to bridge the gap between business, technology, and risk will ensure that ArmorPoint’s clients receive tailored, future-proof solutions for their cybersecurity needs. 

“Hernandez’s arrival at ArmorPoint marks a significant enhancement to our managed risk team,” said David Trapp, CEO of ArmorPoint. “His past experience as a vCISO and his profound understanding of IT security risks are invaluable assets that supports our rapidly growing cybersecurity program management practice. I am confident that Hernandez’s visionary leadership will play a pivotal role in advancing our strategic objectives and protecting our clients.”

Andrew Hernandez on His Vision and Strategic Priorities as Director of Risk Management

Reflecting on his new role, Hernandez stated, “Joining ArmorPoint is a fantastic opportunity to apply my skills and experience in a dynamic environment. My aim is to empower organizations to navigate the complexities of cybersecurity, ensuring they are well-equipped to protect their critical assets in an increasingly digital world.” Guided by this vision, Hernandez is plans to implement strategic initiatives, like those listed below, to further position ArmorPoint as a leader in cybersecurity program management solutions.

Addressing Overlooked Areas of Risk

Hernandez’s strategic focus lies in unveiling and addressing the often-overlooked areas of risk. He notes, “One of the biggest gaps clients have is not knowing where risk exists,” he explains. Hernandez intends to help clients first understand their risk and then assist with crafting response strategies, plans, and mitigating measures involving people, process, and technology.

Fostering Proactive Risk Mitigation

Similarly, in his commitment to fostering a proactive risk mitigation culture at ArmorPoint, Hernandez underscores the importance of learning from past experiences. He advocates for a principle of attraction rather than promotion, where sharing experiences plays a key role in helping both clients and the ArmorPoint team to manage risks effectively and preemptively.

Addressing Industry Trends

In addition to this, a significant part of his strategy involves addressing current industry trends and emerging threats, with a particular focus on vendor management in the context of increased cloud adoption. Hernandez emphasizes the necessity of conducting thorough business impact analyses to mitigate risks inherent in outsourcing technology, ensuring that vendor relationships enhance rather than endanger security postures.

Enhancing ArmorPoint’s Partnerships in the Cybersecurity Ecosystem

Hernandez aims to strengthen ArmorPoint’s partnerships and collaborations within the cybersecurity ecosystem. He believes in broadening the understanding that risk exists beyond cybersecurity, a perspective he sees as crucial for enhancing ArmorPoint’s risk management capabilities and delivering exceptional value to clients.

“Assisting our clients and partners to recognize that risk exists beyond cybersecurity is paramount,” Hernandez comments. “This approach will strengthen our partnerships and collaborations, broadening perspectives in a field often overshadowed by the glamour and hype of cybersecurity.”

ArmorPoint is confident that Hernandez’s expertise, vision, and leadership will greatly contribute to the company’s continued success and its commitment to providing comprehensive cybersecurity program management solutions.

About ArmorPoint

ArmorPoint, LLC is a managed cybersecurity solution that combines the three pillars of a robust cybersecurity program — people, processes, and technology — into a single solution. Designed by cybersecurity experts, ArmorPoint’s cloud-hosted SIEM technology and extended detection and response capabilities enable businesses to implement a highly-effective, scalable cybersecurity program. With customizable pricing available, every ArmorPoint plan offers a dynamic level of managed security services that support the risk management initiatives of all companies, regardless of available budget, talent, or time. To learn more about ArmorPoint, visit www.armorpoint.com.

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