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ComparisonAdviser Releases End of Year Personal Finance Checklist

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Dec 26, 2023 10:00 PST

ComparisonAdviser releases end of year personal finance checklist to help consumers alleviate stress and get ahead for next year.

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As the year draws to a close, financial issues can jump to the forefront of our minds and cause a great deal of stress. To help ease this worry, ComparisonAdviser recently released its end of the year personal finance checklist. The guide intends to help consumers conduct an annual review of their finances so they can feel confident heading into 2024.

The article breaks down five key tasks to tackle as 2023 ends. Each gives people an overview of what they can do to address potential problems or review past performance. This includes:

  • Taxes. It’s never a bad time to start preparing for the next tax season. Knowing how much to pay and which documents to file is a good start.
  • Investments. It’s wise for one to review their portfolio’s performance at the end of the year. This includes details such as asset allocation and diversification among securities.
  • General Finances. Reviewing one’s budget, paying off debt, and assessing insurance needs are all general tasks that, once completed, can help make life easier now and in the next year.
  • Measuring Progress. To cap off the year, it’s a good idea to evaluate progress toward important goals like retirement, education, or buying a house.
  • Meeting With a Financial Advisor. Sitting down with a professional is an effective way to help avoid making common mistakes. They can also work with clients to identify new opportunities and proactive ways to accomplish goals.

Additionally, the article answers frequently asked questions regarding one’s finances at year’s end. For example, the guide explains how to verify if one is doing well financially. It also offers insight into often overlooked, yet important, areas.

Sean Canonica, the article’s author, says that he emphasized adding insights from industry experts to “give people a sense of what a financial advisor would discuss with a client during a meeting.” He adds, “We were given great information from these professionals, including how people should approach their finances from a mental perspective.”

In addition to this end of year checklist, ComparisonAdviser’s editorial team also plans to release a beginning of the year guide in the coming weeks, which will help people get ahead of their finances and have a productive year.

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