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Giving Back to the Community Family: Epomaker Kicks Off the 2023 Christmas & New Year’s Bonus

by Ohio Digital News

At the End of 2023, Epomaker Rolls Out Another Shopping Fiesta to Celebrate the Joy of the Christmas Holiday and Extend a Warm Welcome of the Upcoming New Year 2024

Throughout this exceptional year, Epomaker has remained steadfast in its commitment to the ethos of “From the community, For the community”, consistently delivering top-notch, high-standard, and budget-friendly products to the world of mechanical keyboards. Various products have been released and updated, driven by valuable feedback. As the year draws to a close, Epomaker is proud to launch the Christmas & New Year’s Sale Event.

The Sale event runs from Dec. 23, 2023, to Jan. 7, 2024. Visitors will have great fun with the “Treasure Hunt” game at Epomaker’s official website. Epomaker scattered all the treasures on the website: as you navigate through, discount codes and mystery surprises are awaiting to be discovered and unveiled. What’s more, a wide range of discounts from 15% to 50% at most have been assigned on selected items. To avoid fussy calculation, the selected items have been automatically discounted. Moreover, on specific dates (24th, 25th, 26th, 31st, and January 1st), placing orders may lead to free present giveaways and chances to win mystery surprises.

To get more satisfaction at a sale event, Epomaker reserves the Mystery Boxes surprise in the Christmas & New Year Sale. This allows customers to take a guess on what products will get in hand. For Mystery Box, there will be four options, valued between $59.99 at most and $25.99 at lowest.

The New Year Bonus will be at your service for customers who miss out on the Christmas Sale. Epomaker encores the Flash Deals during the bonus time, January 2nd to January 7th, valued between 20% to 40% discount. Dedicated to creating extraordinary experiences for fans and keyboard enthusiasts, Epomaker prepared various mysterious boxes, lucky number gifts, and vouchers, offering up to 50% discount. These double delights promise a fun and mysterious shopping experience on the site.

With automatically discounted items, mysterious boxes, various free present giveaways, website games, and numerous vouchers, Epomaker has set out a grand fireworks show to bid farewell to 2023 and embrace 2024.

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Epomaker Christmas & New Year’s Sale Event

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