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‘Improving the Lives of Everyone We Touch’: Omaha Medical Staffing Company Reflects on 2023 Impact

by Ohio Digital News

In a year of exciting changes including a building move and brand launch, Fusion has stayed true to its core purpose: “to improve the lives of everyone we touch” through volunteerism and financial support. Employees contributed more than 3,000 volunteer hours and the Omaha-based healthcare organization and its employees donated a combined $300,000 to various organizations.

A major addition to Fusion’s philanthropic focus was the addition of a community engagement manager, a position dedicated to building relationships in the community and providing impactful avenues for Fusion employees to volunteer. 

“Fusion wants to make as big of an impact as possible,” said Jill Adkins, Community Engagement Manager. “Our goal is to live out our core purpose while letting the employees lead the charge on what organizations we support. Their passion for giving back is what makes Fusion such a special place to work.” 

The healthcare staffing company supports various organizations in the Greater Omaha Area including a long-standing relationship with MS Forward, Angels Among Us, Project Pink’d, and QLI. The development of Adkins’ position allowed for new partnerships and opportunities with organizations such as Alpaca, Missouri River Relief, and the adoption of Ta-Ha-Zouka Park.

“One of the main things that drew me to Fusion was the emphasis on helping the community. I love working for a company that aligns with my values,” said Alex Smith, sales trainer and frequent volunteer. “It brings me so much joy to be able to help with different opportunities. Whether it’s helping our local teachers at Alpaca or serving Christmas dinner at the Stephen Center, I walk away humbled to be a part of such amazing efforts.”  

To learn more about how Fusion is working to improve the lives of everyone they touch – including a new nursing scholarship program, Compassion in Care, go to workwithfusion.com/category/community

About Fusion:   

Fusion is an Omaha-based healthcare company that exists to create meaningful connections between healthcare travelers and facilities that lead to better patient care and better outcomes for all. The company consists of two business units: Fusion Medical Staffing and Fusion Workforce Solutions, which simplify processes for healthcare travelers and facilities at every turn. Fusion employees strive to stay humble, driven, and positive.

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