Home PRESS RELEASE Revolution Dating Presents ‘Matchmaking Under the Mistletoe’ in The Singles Scene Column© December 2023

Revolution Dating Presents ‘Matchmaking Under the Mistletoe’ in The Singles Scene Column© December 2023

by Ohio Digital News

Kelly Leary, M.S., from Revolution Dating, wishes singles and their matched couples an extraordinary holiday season and a Happy New Year.

 As the holiday season envelopes South Florida, the Treasure Coast, and Tri-State area Singles, Revolution Dating powered by A List Introductions, welcomes Singles to experience the magic of matchmaking under the mistletoe. December is a time of bonding. Revolution Dating offers a chance to find love amidst the festive cheer.

Dating during December holds an extra dose of magic, providing ample opportunities for memorable first dates in the joyous holiday atmosphere. Cupid and Santa seem to work hand in hand, doubling the odds of finding a compatible partner.

December holds a mirror up and asks: “What do you want this year, my dear?” or “How do you want to end the year and start a new one?”

Revolution Dating understands the significance of this season and urges Singles not to pause their search for love. Despite the holiday rush, finding a match in December is not just possible but highly rewarding.

“Revolution Dating, a brick-and-mortar company with 32 years of matchmaking experience, is dedicated to helping Singles find their long-term matches,” stated Kelly Leary, the esteemed matchmaker behind many successful couples.

To seize this opportunity, Revolution Dating encourages Singles to act and make an appointment with a matchmaker today by calling (561) 630-9696 or visiting revolutiondating.com. Despite the holidays approaching, it’s never too late to discover a meaningful connection.

“First dates in December hold a special charm, and we’re here to facilitate those connections. Our aim is to help Singles end the year on a high note, starting a new one with the promise of love,” added Kelly Leary.

Revolution Dating provides an exclusive platform for Singles to explore potential matches and set the stage for a promising start to the coming year. By joining Revolution Dating now, individuals can avoid the rush of the New Year, ensuring a proactive and empowering step toward finding their perfect match.

Kelly Leary was named among the most Dynamic Women of 2023 by Modern Luxury Palm Beach magazine.  

Single in New York? Revolution Dating just launched a new hub in Manhattan. Exclusive Holiday Memberships are available now for a limited time. 917-905-2006.

A gift of love from someone to themselves will lift their spirit instantly. Acting right now will change their vibe for the whole month, even if they decide they want their first date in January. People can enjoy their holiday more knowing they are a client, and their file is set up and ready to go. They will beat the New Year rush. 

Revolution Dating specializes in introducing Singles, Divorced, and Widowed Clientele from ages 20s to 80s. 

Love More in 2024!

Make an appointment with The Award-Winning Matchmakers today. Call (561) 630-9696 or visit Revolution Dating to embark on a journey towards finding a meaningful connection.

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